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Tales from Paragon City is an infrequent comic book series created by David 2 designed to highlight the life and times of various characters in Paragon City, the Rogues Isles, and beyond.

Tales of the various characters in Paragon City... and BEYOND!
Tales from Paragon City
Author: David 2
Author Aliases: Battlerock X
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Series Type: Discontinued
Date Premiered: 2010
Number of Issues: 4
Date of Last Issue: 12/12
Average Issue Length: varies
Main Cast
Programs Used
MS Publisher, GIMP, PDF Creator


Issue 01 featuring KDave


Featured: KDave

Summary: A thirty-something nerd finally gets to live out his dream of being a superhero.

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Issue 02 featuring Midnight Paladin


Featured: Midnight Paladin

Summary: Visit the world of Praetoria as a new hero appears, bringing with him something that has not been seen in years.

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Issue 03 featuring Qwa


Featured: Qwa

Summary: A strange visitor arrives on the same day as Galaxy City is destroyed.

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Issue 04 featuring "The Major"


Featured: "The Major"

Summary: In 2005, what was once a private war became public as Wyvern enacts a private blockade around the Isles in response to Arachnos trying to take over Paragon City earlier that year. What happens next has implications not only for Wyvern but also to a certain family whose name would become synonymous with disaster.

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The first half of "The Major" story also appears in "City of Comic Creators Compendium" #6. That story also includes a backstory involving a certain YouTube "star" and the promise of his own series that would never appear due to the shutdown of the MMO.