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Mother Mayhem, also known as Praetor Tilman, is an in-game character in the Praetorian Universe.

In this universe, Shalice Tilman never relinquished control over the body of Aurora Borealis, and therefore continues to use it as her own.

Character History

Nobody really knows how old Shalice Tilman is. Some have speculated that she is at least a hundred, being one of the original people "graced" by the powers given by Emperor Cole upon his ascension into a god.

We know that the physical form of Shalice Tilman was born during the start of the Hamidon Wars, and that her incredible psionic abilities were unlocked at a very early age. The psionic agony of millions dying would almost drive her insane, but she found the will to overcome it and master her powers.

She initially started as "Little Miss Mayhem" but quickly became recognized as "Mother Mayhem" as she matured into a beautiful woman. She became the youngest Praetor in Emperor Cole's administration, ensuring an easy transition into the new regime by identifying traitors before they could act to sabotage Cole's plans. To further prevent treason, Emperor Cole authorized the Seer Project be created to assess and rehabilitate those deemed "dangerous".

It was during one such rehabilitation that a powerful telepath lost control. Praetor Tilman's body was destroyed, but she was able to transplant her consciousness into the body of Auroroa Scott, her childhood friend and loyal assistant. Auroroa's sacrifice ensures that Praetor Tilman will continue to serve Emperor Cole... and, of course, Praetoria.

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Related Information

Badge GoingRogue.png This character is from the Praetorian Universe.

(Please see her Paragon Wiki entry for more information.)

Mother Mayhem was seen in the Top Cow incarnation of the "City of Heroes" series.

Her counterpart in the Primal Universe is Sister Psyche.

She was also the inspiration for Athena Rose Fairmore's fictional character Malizia in the world of Champions Online MMO.