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Omega Xi 6-4 is a universe similar to the Primal Universe in the City of Heroes MMO. It is one of many universes catalogued by the Portal Corporation and is the home to that Earth's sole survivor: Maximus Rex.

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This Earth's history is distinctly different from most others in that in this world, extra-normal mutations happened not only early in human development, but were treated as something special.

The very first mutant on this world was Raman el Set, who would go on to be Pharaoh and the first to give the idea that people like him were nobility, sent from the heavens to guide and rule humanity. His power allowed him to survive by "feeding" off the life essences of others when needed. It allowed him to live and rule for several generations at his physical peak, able to spread his "gift" to other women across all the lands. The children of his "gift" would likewise be treated as nobility and thus spread to all of the lands, repeating the cycle.

During the Roman Empire, a young man born in the island of Cimerora named Maximus Gaeus would eventually become Caesar, and rename himself Caesar Rex. He was the first to unite the rival nobilities and create the first Global Kingdom, later called the Global Empire. His would also be the bloodline that would eventually rule the world until its end.

This budding empire had two threats: religion and magic. While early mutants could rely on local religions to bolster their claims of superiority, other religious leaders considered mutants to be abominations. In other realities, where mutants were few and rare, such religious thinking would lead to the mutants being murdered on sight. But in this world, where mutants were in charge, it was the religious leaders that became endangered.

That left magic. And it ended up serving as an equalizer as anyone could wield mystical items that gave them power similar to those of mutants. This threatened the stability of the unified geno-superior government. So a great war was raged against magic-holders, which resulted in the first-ever global ban on anything magical. By government decree, magic was outlawed, practitioners were arrested, and mystical artifacts were confiscated and (in most instances) destroyed.


It was during the start of the Fifth Golden Age under King Dominus Rex, direct descendant of Caesar Rex, that there was the discovery of other worlds. A strange drug appeared that would give normal people mutant powers. Much like magic, this drug was outlawed since it threatened the superiority of the mutant bloodline. But it also allowed some the means to pierce the veil of the world and see into other universes.

Imperial scientists created portal devices that would allow visits to other worlds, where they discovered the uniqueness of their world. But it also exposed them to a more devastating threat. For this reason, King Dominus stepped down and allowed his son, Maximus Rex, to take the throne. Maximus was young and strong, and it was believed he would eventually be the one to defend the empire.

Sadly, this would come too late. On the day of his coronation, during the celebrations of his new reign, the multidimensional threat known as the Rikti invaded this world.

True to his father's expectations, Maximus did rally the forces and they held their own against the onslaught of the Rikti. He even had help from a resistance leader named Jessica Cole, who carried on using illegal mystical artifacts inherited from her mother as the second "Miss Liberty".

It was during this time that they discovered King Dominus' secret. King Dominus found out from other realities that the Rikti were vulnerable to magic. Unfortunately the most powerful of mystical artifacts had long been destroyed, so he created a secret group called the Midnight Society to retrieve and warehouse the remaining artifacts that could be used to serve the Empire. King Dominus was to share this secret with his son on the eve after his coronation, but he was killed in the initial attack by the Rikti.

Eventually King Maximus was able to find the Midnight Society's cache of confiscated mystical devices and put them to use against the Rikti with the help of his wife, the Lady Jessica. For a while, they were able to retake the lands held by the Rikti, including the global capital.

But then the Rikti escalated their attacks, using their devastating weapons on the planet.

Humanity was exterminated in a matter of hours, and most of the planet was turned into a radioactive graveyard.

Some time later, visitors from the Primal Universe would arrive through the one-and-only Imperial portal in Paragon City. They found only one survivor: a badly burned and emaciated man who used to be King Maximus Rex. The visitors took him back through to the Primal Universe, where they treated his injuries, and then continued to survey the now-dead world.

Today the Portal Corporation has declared the Earth of Omega Xi 6-4 to be a dead world. It is still accessible, but only to those resistant to radiation and have the stomach to endure seeing a world that has been totally destroyed by the Rikti.

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Badge Vortex.png This entry deals with an alternate universe.

The world of Omega Xi 6-4 was referenced numerous times in Maximus Rex's history as told in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #15.