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Author(s): TechSpider - KK Comics
Games: City of Heroes
First Issue: Malibu Dreams/NIGHTMARES Series 2 #5
Date Published: 2009
Last Issue: Master-Minding My Own Business #12
Date Published: 2010
Total Number of Issues: 9
Main Character(s)
The cast at KK Comics
Series Involved
KK Comics Titles
Additional Notes
Cross-Title Event #3 at KK Comics


"Death Dealers; DECONSTRUCTED" is a nine-part Cross-Title Storyline in the KK-Comics titles, that happens throughout the titles from October 2009 to May 2010.

It chronicled the fall of the Death Dealers as a Supergroup. We saw assassinations, and the deaths of some of the KK-Comics Main and Supporting Characters. Now with the re-launch of KK-Comics, we see the repercussions throughout all titles.

It started with the death of Evil Malibu Teresa, and continued with the nameless assassin taking out members of the Death Dealers Supergroups, Hero and Villain, one by one. With a tricky ending that changes the lives of the KK-Comics cast to facilitate the re-launch of the series and titles in late 2011.

Story History

Part 1: Malibu Dreams/Nightmares Series 2, #5


Death: Evil Malibu Teresa (read)

Summary: Barbie comes to the base only to find the place in shambles, and Teresa is killed, but by whom?

Guest Appearances: "Unknown Assassin", Evil Malibu Barbie, "Evil Malibu Teresa"

Part 2: Master-Minding My Own Business Series 1, #10


Death: TechSpider (read)

Summary: The Mysterious Assassin is revealed right after She takes out TechSpider.

Guest Appearances: "Unknown Assassin-Katanna Kitten", TechSpider

Part 3: Rona LIVE! Season 1, #8


Death: Rona Cosell (read)

Summary: Rona goes on an investigative report to AE, Only to be transported away and separated from Johnny.

Guest Appearances: "Katanna Kitten", Rona Cosell

Part 4: Confessions of A Teenage Blapper Series 1, #10


Death: Krusher Kitten (read)

Summary: Krusher Kitten falls in the past to Cimeroran Traitors, but is our assassin behind it?

Guest Appearances: "Katanna Kitten", "Krusher Kitten"

Part 5: Rona LIVE! Season 1, #9


Death: None (read)

Summary: Johnny enlists the help of the Rona LIVE! Intern. Evil Malibu Barbie, as she works her day job!

Guest Appearances: "Katanna Kitten", "Johnny", Evil Malibu Barbie

Part 6: Malibu Dreams/Nightmares Series 2, #6


Death: Evil Malibu Barbie (read)

Summary: Barbie does a little investigative work, only to meet the same fate as Teresa!

Guest Appearances: "Katanna Kitten", Evil Malibu Barbie

Part 7: Master-Minding My Own Business Series 1, #11


Death: Mistress Arachnae (read)

Summary: Our Assassin encounters her actual creator, Mistress Arachnae!

Guest Appearances: "Katanna Kitten", "Mistress Arachnae"

Part 8: Confessions of A Teenage Blapper Series 1, #11


Death: Krusher Kitten (read)

Summary: Kinetic Kitten gets called on a job for Manticore. But does she make it out alive.....NOT!

Guest Appearances: "Katanna Kitten", "Kinetic Kitten"

Part 9: Master-Minding My Own Business Series 1, #12


Death: Mistress Arachnae (read)

Summary: Mafia Maiden confronts the Assassin, and we witness events to affect things to come for a while!

Guest Appearances: "Katanna Kitten", "Mafia Maiden", "Mistress Arachnae", Evil Malibu Barbie, "Evil Malibu Teresa", TechSpider, "Krusher Kitten", "Kinetic Kitten"

Links and Other Stuff

This was the third Cross-Title Storyline featured at KK Comics. It happened in real life shortly before TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten left the game due to financial reasons. Knowing he would return sooner or later, he tried out a few other MMO's. With the coming of COH:FREEDOM, and Free to Play, it allowed him to return, and soon after, pay again to become a VIP Account. Facilitating the re-launch of KK-Comics, and re-visiting of the storylines left hanging. In Octoboer 2011, KK-Comics re-launched with a new cross-title story arc, Countdown to Gawd Complex

Death Dealers: DECONSTRUCTED Storyline Arc at KK Comics