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A Ghost Group is in reference to an organization that is not supposed to exist.

Sometimes this is in reference to an established group that disbanded, but they still operate as a group. Other times, it is in reference to an organization that cannot be openly considered as one. These are often debunked as being "baseless conspiracies".


City of Heroes

  • Although it has been in existence for generations, the Midnight Squad is not supposed to officially exist, therefore it is considered one of the earliest in-game examples of a "Ghost Group".
  • Both incarnations of Shadowborn are considered a "Ghost Group" even though the original incarnation operated with the blessing of the United States Government.
  • Although their annual business meetings are far from clandestine, technically the Bilderburg Alliance is considered a "ghost group" since the history and scope of their power is supposed to be one of the oldest of such groups.

Champions Online

  • The mysterious organization known by some as VARTECH is a ghost group.

Star Trek Online

  • An organization created in the early years of Starfleet, Section 31 claims to operate to protect the best interests of the Federation.

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