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Destroyers are a street gang that operate in the city-state of Praetoria in the Praetorian Universe in the City of Heroes MMO.


When the cities were evacuated in the great migration, not all the people "saved" were the best of the best. Many "found" their way into evacuation transports. But nobody complained because there was always a need for workers.

Many of these were members of the various gangs. Driven by a sense of survival, they ended up in Praetoria looking to fill what they saw as a void. Of course that meant they had to take on the Syndicate, not to mention the Praetorian Police Department. But little did they know they had a "friend" in high places. A "friend" that gave them a special mix of Fixadine that gave them an edge in fighting, and also an immunity from the Seers.

Of course that favor came with a price. And it appeared that the price was their role in the death of Powers Division Leader Windham Powers. Not to mention it put a target on their heads by Furia Powers.

Related Information

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The Destroyers were seen in "Tales From Paragon City" #2 as one of the many people that confronted Midnight Paladin.