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There are 2 versions of the villain known as "Widowmaker".

  • John Cole - The illegitimate son of Statesman, raised by his mother, a former Arachnos agent. He would become the first male member of the Widow program, as well as a member of The Libra Order. He has since been purged of his Widow devices and operates in Paragon City as a hero. He is now known as Guardian Star and is a member of the Guardians of the Dawn hero group.
  • "Unknown" - Seen in the one-shot special "The Libra Order: Debts of Honor", an unknown individual was given the Widow blades and implants that were previously ripped from John Cole's body, along with a portion of his blood. Under the personal guidance of Libra, he has assumed the guise and the role once held by John Cole as a way to stop Cole's quest to rightly claim his father's mantle as Paragon City's champion.