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The War Walls are the huge walls that were erected by the Rikti all through Paragon City during the Rikti Invasion of 2002.

The walls divided the city into zones, which better facilitated their occupation and control over those areas. Huge gates provided choke-points for forces coming in or out.


The base of the walls stand a hundred feet tall and sink fifty feet below the surface. It is made with a special concrete-metallic mixture that has yet to be replicated on this planet and is designed to withstand even a high-megaton nuclear bomb. It is here that gates are set up, including large channel-gates for water, as well as tunnels for the Paragon Transit lines.

Rising up from the base are huge spires. Each spire contains a series of networked energy reactors, which power huge energy fields as well as a gravity generator at the top of each spire. These reactors are self-supporting and self-generating, and while they are similar in function to the reactors that currently power both Longbow and Arachnos gunships, they have yet to be fully replicated. When active, the energy fields prevent physical objects from passing through.

The gravity generator serves a duel purpose. Not only does it prevent items from flying over the War Walls, but it also reinforces the base of the walls and actually make it stronger.

Current Use

After the Invasion, there were several discussions about tearing down the War Walls. Several groups, including the Paragon Libertarian Society, support the gradual dismantling of the walls.

However, the number of tragedies that materialized since the Invasion serves even to this day to validate their usefulness.

  • The damage caused by the destruction of Overbrook was contained to within the walls.
  • The bio-hazard plague caused by the "Contaminated" has been contained in the zone dubbed "Outbreak" thanks in no small part to the presence of the walls.
  • The rampage of the Hydra in Perez Park has been contained because of the walls.
  • The environmental damage caused by the toxic waste in the area dubbed "Crey's Folly" is contained.
  • Although one side of the wall was destroyed, the damage caused by Sunburst's explosion in Siren's Call was limited to the immediate area.

In addition the walls placed around the mega-nuclear reactor facility known as Terra Volta contain any possible physical damage caused by a meltdown, although it would not stop any potential radiation.

Unintended Consequences

Despite the positive arguments of continuing the walls, there are some unintended consequences.

  • The gravity emitters which prevent objects from trying to go over the walls also have had a profound effect on the weather in the area, steering away any precipitation or cold fronts. This results in having the same weather conditions every year for the area.
  • Because the walls still use technology provided by the Rikti, the walls are also unable to prevent Rikti incursions, as the Rikti are able to turn the energy fields off prior to a local siege.

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