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Terra Volta is a zone inside Paragon City that is also the only city zone inside another zone, namely Independence Port.

Terra Volta is the location of the world's largest nuclear reactor, and the only one in the world given the designation of a "Mega-Nuclear Reactor".


With advent of the nuclear age, it wasn't long before planners in Paragon City began coming up with ways to make full use of nuclear power to feed the city's need for cheap electricity. Soon after the first successful deployment of a nuclear reactor in 1951, engineers were working on designs for city-wide nuclear reactors to replace traditional fossil-fueled turbine reactors for electricity. City officials made sure that Paragon City would be the vanguard of that movement.

An island in the middle of Independence Port was selected for the construction of the first (and so-far only) Mega-Nuclear Reactor. Construction began in 1955 and was completed and went online in 1959. Fourteen hours later, it was under attack by a super-villain group. Although the Freedom Phalanx was quick to repel the initial attacks, the island itself would be subjected to frequent attacks not only from super-villains, but also from environmentalist protesters. The protest groups considered any kind of nuclear reactor to be a threat, and Terra Volta became the biggest symbol of their threats.

During the Rikti Invasion of 2002, the Rikti made taking over Terra Volta to be a primary target, since it supplied the city almost all of its electricity. It was also one of the first areas to be completely surrounded by the self-supporting War Walls. Unfortunately for the Rikti, it was also one of the first locations to be liberated by the Vanguard in their counter-attack, and the effectiveness of those same War Walls made the area almost impenetrable.

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Terra Volta and its potential risks was brought up in discussion by Galatea Powers in Issue #1 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series.