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The Powers Division is a special division of operatives in Praetoria in service to Emperor Cole.

By default, all registered operatives in good standing in the City-State are members of the Powers Division. This is considered a civil service for all those with abilities, and in return they are given extraordinary powers in the service of the Emperor.

Operatives in the Powers Division report to Praetor White and are considered members of the Praetorian Police Department, with full powers to arrest, detain, and search anyone, including those within the PrPD.


The Powers Division was named after Windham Powers, the son of World War II hero Skylord and father to Furia Powers. Working with British Intelligence, Windham managed to organize and oversee the European hero efforts to battle the Hamidon after the fall of the Dawn Patrol. It was this organization talent that attracted the attention of Global Commander Marcus Cole. Cole offered Windham the opportunity to organize the super-powered beings into a new authority, working with the police but not answerable to them.

Not long after starting the division, however, Windham Powers was found dead in his office. Members of the anarchist group known as the Destroyers were blamed. Praetor White assumed control of the Powers Division and has been running the division ever since.

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