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(For the Dimensional-hopping company in Paragon City, see Portal Corporation. For the supergroup base and access system, see Supergroup Tesseract Portal.)

A "Portal" can refer to...

Types of Portals


A localized (or "local") portal connects between two points in short distance to each other. This can be used to isolate a room and control access. The mystics of Oranbega used mystical portals to transport between two local points in their passages, a system carried through to their current followers, the Circle of Thorns. The Vanguard also employs a localized portal as a way to isolate their headquarters from the rest of the War Zone.


A spatial portal connects between two points in greater distances to each other. Vanguard employes several of these portals at their various branch offices in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles for easy access to their headquarters.


A temporal portal is a portal that connects two points in space as well as time. The Menders of Ouroboros employs such a portal system linking it to the 21st Century from their position near the end of time.


A dimensional portal is one that connects two points between dimensional universes. The portals used by the Portal Corporation are the best example of these kinds of portals.


A free-forming portal is one that does not require any external device to generate it. Often what some consider to be a free-forming portal is really the end-point of a device-generated portal, although some people (i.e. DJ Zero) are known to create free-forming portals under their own power.