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The Energy Hero From Across The Stars!
Creator: Battlerock X/David 2
First Appearance: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #19
Game: City of Heroes MMO
Personal Data
Real Name: unpronounceable
Known Aliases: none
Species: (unknown)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: Alien visitor
Occupation: superhero
Place of Birth: (unknown)
Base of Operations: New York City (Universe XHT-S7)
Marital Status: (unknown)
Known Relatives: (unknown)
Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight
Known Powers
Known Abilities
advanced alien technology
Badge Vortex.png This entry deals with an alternate universe.

Photonis is an energy-based life form in the extra-dimensional universe XHT-S7. He was a member of the League of Champions along with Icon Powers, MidKnight, The Runner, and Karen Powers.

Character History

Photonis came from a race of beings that evolved beyond their physical forms and into a state of pure energy. This presented a problem when they traveled in space and were unable to converse with other species. Unlike similar energy-based species, these beings were not able to merge with or emulate corporeal life forms. The destructive nature of their energies prevented a stable union for more than a few seconds. This was eventually resolved with the invention of the synthetic surrogate patterned after their former biological bodes. This allowed them to physically interact with and converse with others as well as utilize most of their energy-based abilities.

Photonis was considered by his peers to be a romantic throwback. He preferred to stay corporeal whenever possible and conversed with other "lesser" beings at every opportunity. His peers tolerated this because of his duties for the collective in terms of exploration and investigation, but he knew that he was really not welcomed by his fellow beings.

During his travels he discovered a faint trace of extra-dimensional energy on a planet referred to by the natives as "Earth". He positioned his vessel on the back side of that planet's moon and observed the activities. He realized that several years ago (October 30th, 1938, to be precise), that planet was subjected to a wave of extra-dimensional objects. The energy from those objects affected the life forms that encountered it, giving them extra-normal abilities.

Photonis found the life forms called "humans" intriguing and received permission to stay to observe them further. His role as an observer, however, was challenged when he observed a lone human, enhanced by his family's exposure to the extra-dimensional energy, engaged in battle with the vanguard of an alien invading force. With his presence discovered, he revealed himself to the human who called himself Icon Powers and offered assistance to repel the invaders.

To his superiors, this was the final act of defiance they would tolerate. Dismissed from his services and ostracized, he was allowed to retain his ship for the construction of his synthetic surrogate, but would not be allowed to have any further contact with his people. Icon Powers welcomed him to Earth.

Photonis eventaully became a founding member of Icon's group, the "Legion of Champions", serving not only as a member, but also as a patron for the human race to the rest of the universe.

Karen Powers

In 1984, after the noble and tragic sacrifice of his father, Icon Powers rescued a four-year old girl that was reportedly the daughter of Lionel Powers, Icon's uncle. The girl, named Leona Powers, was raised not only by Icon but also by several other heroes, including Photonis.

In 1993, Leona began showing signs of mental instability that risked the life of several people during an otherwise crackdown on highway bandits. Icon removed Leona from the scene, allowing Photonis to take the perpetrators into custody and give those injured the needed treatment. But soon Leona turned on her own cousin before collapsing.

Icon discovered that Leona's DNA was written with her father's Machiavellian philosophy and perspectives, turning her amoral and sociopathic. After transporting Leona in statis to his ship, Photonis told Icon that there was a way to save Leona, but it would involve overridding Lionel's DNA programming through a series of genetic infusions. Icon quickly agreed and voulenteered to provide the additional genetic material needed, even though it would eventually weaken his body and hasten his aging.

Over the years, Icon and Photonis would gradually override Leona's DNA, transforming her into Karen Powers. As a side-effect, her memories of past actions would be changed, but it was believed this was for the greater good as it allowed Karen to remain active and have a life.

Crisis Event 2007

In April of 2007, a year after Icon Powers disappeared, a strange event occured as a large extra-dimensional vortex appeared in the Southwestern sky.

Several members of the League of Champions went to investigate, including Karen Powers, The Runner, MidKnight and Photonis. It was MidKnight that discovered that the portal was a conduit and that the cosmic being reaching through into their own universe would destroy it if it succeeds. The dark vigilante came up with the idea for Photonis to create a solid-light running track around the portal, with The Runner building up enough speed to force the maw closed. But it wasn't enough, and soon the ambient energy tore into Photonis, disintegrating him.

The universe itself would soon follow into oblivion, although the three surviving heroes would end up in another universe.

Powers and Abilities

Since Photonis only existed in Universe XHT-S7, there was no way to measure his abilities by Vanguard's standards.

As an energy being, he possesed the ability to manipulate forms of energy, including converting light into solid objects for various purposes.

Other References

Photonis was referred to in the "Guardian Exiles" storyline of the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series, but never actually seen until Issue #19.

His powers and abilities were similar to energy-manipulating heroes on various comics, including the various incarnations of DC's Green Lantern and Marvel's character Quasar.