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The "Real Truth" is the name of a website in the world of Champions Online MMO.

The website is the most recent venue for legendary reporter Pedro Duarte to post his exclusive articles.


For years, famed reporter Pedro Duarte had relied on the various wire services and local newspapers to get the word out about the hard-hitting investigative stories. But as the world became more digital and newsprint started going away, it became harder for Pedro to get his stories posted.

In the late 1990's, not long after making his first video appearance, Pedro decided to bypass the wire services themselves and to come up with a private server and website repository for his articles.

The website and server were dubbed "The Real Truth", and they would offer in-depth coverage of Pedro's works over the years. An online store was later added so guests can order books.


Following the events in "Future's Guardian" #17, the website and server were shut down and the address was surrendered over to the family of John Battle.

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