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Ravenswood Academy is the premiere school for the mystic arts in the world of Champions Online.

Ravenswood Academy campus in Millennium City

Ravenswood Academy is a prestigious private school located on 500 acres of pristine land in Orchardsville, Michigan, a quiet suburb of Millennium City.

The school is home to the children of many of the City's wealthiest and most influential families. However, Ravenswood serves not only to educate and instill a solid ethical foundation in its students. It also houses a secret.

That secret is Homeroom Alpha. Homeroom Alpha is the code name for Ravenswood's true purpose, to protect and train young men and women with extraordinary abilities. While the majority of Ravenwood's attendees are "traditional" students, those in Homeroom Alpha supplement their standard educations with curriculum, training and testing designed to hone their superpowers, teamwork and self-control in preparation for the great responsibilities they will bear as their abilities mature.

Recently, Ravenswood set up a formal branch in Millennium City, partnering up with the Powerhouse to provide a free tutorial for those heroes new to the city. This includes a virtual reality simulation of the Qularr invasion of 2009.

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The Millennium City campus will be seen in "Future's Guardian" #14.

Both Elite Ice and Keira Fyre are graduates of Ravenswood Academy.