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Destroids are robotic minions of Doctor Destroyer.

Mass-manufactured from secret factories around the world, these soldiers would remain in hybernation until activated by their master.

Destroids come in various sizes and serve a variety of purposes. Some are service units designed for support and construction. Others are assault units, designed for maximum destruction even against super-powered beings.

A separate unit was designed to impersonate Doctor Destroyer himself and serve as both his proxies and his body doubles, allowing the world to believe he is dead while he retreats to start again.

Destroids were the primary forces involved in the Battle of Detroit. They are also seen in association with Destroyer's lieutenants, including Black Talon.

Related Information

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Destroids were seen briefly in "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future" #1 as part of the battle damage inside Champions Headquarters due to the Qularr invasion caused by Black Talon.