Champions Headquarters

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Champions Headquarters in Millennium City

Champions Headquarters is the very-visible headquarters of the superhero group known as The Champions. It is located in Millennium City at the middle point between the Renaissance Center and Downtown zones and is easily recognized by its giant "C"-shaped structure which can be seen for miles.

Champions Headquarters was first created as a gift from Harmon Industries as a central location for the city's heroes to meet. Although well-appreciated, it became clear that the headquarters was too large for the Champions to use exclusively. Thus the building became a central meeting place and resource for all heroes in the city.

The building also serves as the central location for the SOCRATES communications and information network. All heroes in good standing can access SOCRATES directly through the terminals located in the meeting room. Working in concert with the Millennium City Police Department, the headquarters also serves as the central registration for heroes and hero groups.

Heroes in good standing are also welcomed to use the guest facilities located near the top of the building, although it is emphasized that the guest facilities are for a limited period of time. Guest facilities include a hotel-style room with laundry services and dining center.

Related Information

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The Champions Headquarters was first seen in "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future" #1.

Galatea Future used the guest quarters of the building when she first arrived in the city until she went into exile in January of 2012.