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"ChaseArcanum Specials" are a series of one-shot specials created by ChaseArcanum. Some of these specials became part of the City of Heroes comic canon.

ChaseArcanum Specials
Author: ChaseArcanum
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: '
Series Type: Specials
Date Premiered: '
Number of Issues: 5
Date of Last Issue: '
Average Issue Length: '
Main Cast
Programs Used
Comic Book Creator
Badge ArchiveProject.png This series has been restored as part of the Archive Project.




Introduction to the Phoenix Circle and Chase. (Read)

Battlefields: Aftermath "Strength"

ChaseArcanum-comic contest strength.jpg

This special was Chase's entry to a special Comic Book Contest. (Read)

Guide to Issue 10: Invasion


Special guide to the Rikti Invasion of 2007. (Read)

The Wedding of Manticore and Sister Psyche

CoH-03 CA 01 weddingsm.jpg

Following from Issue #20 of the Top Cow incarnation of "City of Heroes", Chase bears witness to the wedding of the century. (Read)

Guide to Issue 12: Midnight Hour

CoH-03 CA 02 Issue12sm.jpg

Special guide to Issue 12 which features the Villain Epic Archetypes and the Midnight Squad. (Read)

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