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The Archive Project is an ongoing effort to preserve fan-made comics for future readers. Often these are comics that have been considered lost following the demise of sites such as cohcomics and Hypercomics, but occasionally these include comics that were created one-time by game-players either for a contest or for fun.


A Rare Find

The "Archive Project" began when CCC member Battlerock X was looking for missing comics and came across a series featuring "Naughty Nadya". With the original author's permission and approval, he was able to download all of the images and then put them in a new PDF document, which he then archived here. Realizing that there could be other such comics that could be saved for future readers, the offer was made to recover such creations and host them here.

Missing in Action

Badge MIA.png

With the demise of cohcomics, dozens of fan-created works that were listed here suddenly were inaccessible. As an interim measure to identify which of these comics were considered missing, a special "Missing in Action" template was created that would flag those entries as well as inform the casual viewer that those comics are not accessible at the time.

Eventually several of the comics originally flagged as "MIA" were recovered and archived here, thus adding to the "Archive Project" listings and removing them from the "MIA" list. A new template was also created to let people know these comics have been recovered and restored.

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