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A Catgurl (more formally known as a Catgirl) is the term used to describe a woman with feline or cat-like features.

This can include:

  • A form of cosplay, where a woman will adopt cat-like costume pieces like ears and a tail. In extreme cases, they will also wear make-up and skin-tight bodysuits.
  • A genetic hybrid of human and feline. This can be the more domesticated cat, or more feral creatures like lions, tigers, or cheetahs. The explanations behind this can vary from magic to genetic manipulation or even alien beings whose appearances come from millennia of evolution.


City of Heroes

There are several examples of Catgurls in City of Heroes.

  • Bobcat - The Praetorian version of Mynx and paramour of Neuron

DC Universe Online

  • Catwoman - Nemesis/Girlfriend of Batman, although her "feline" features are more cosplay and role playing.

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