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Badge Vindicators.png
The Vindicators are an in-game supergroup operating in Paragon City, comprised mostly of the sidekicks of the Freedom Phalanx. The group's leader is Ms. Liberty, the granddaughter of Statesman.

They are often derided as the "B-Team" of superhero organizations. Also, because the team consists mostly of young women known mostly for their partying ways, it has led to them being referred to by PNN media personality Garry Becker as the "Sidechick Brigade".

Current Roster

Other References

The Vindicators were first seen in the Top Cow Comic series during the "Trading Places" storyline, offering a membership to Manticore. They would later fight with their one-time mentors over how Statesman treated the archer.

They would later be tasked with keeping Paragon City safe during the "Safeguard" story. They would appear again during "Ladies Night", where it was revealed that they gave Ms. Liberty the nickname of "Statesman's Sidechick".