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The universe dubbed Axis America is an alternate dimension in the City of Heroes MMO.

It has been catalogued by the Portal Corporation as Delta Zeta 24-10.

In this world, history followed along similar lines as those of the Primal Universe until the 1920's.

At that point, Marcus Cole, a young man seriously injured by mustard gas, started listening to the ramblings of a small German group that would later become the Nazi Party. A few years later, he would be seen in Rhode Island helping spread the world of the Nazi Party in America, as well as being the physical embodiment of the Aryan "Superman" as the super-powered Reichsman. Because of him, not only did America side with the Axis Powers in the 1940's, but he would eventually take over the United States and the rest of the Axis-ruled world.

It is unknown what happened to this world after Reichsman's failed invasion of the Primal Universe. It is speculated, however, that it has fragmented without their "Uber-Führer" to lead them.

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