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A "university" is a school for higher learning.

This is where people can learn about the nature of the world around them.

Paragon City

* (See also "Paragon City University")

Residents of Paragon City are able to learn more about the Invention System as well as make use of the invention tables through three separate schools that make up the Paragon City University (or PCU).

  • Steel Canyon Univeristy
  • Croatoa University
  • Founders Falls Univeristy

Rogue Isles

* (See Also Rogue Isles University)

A cut-rate school that serves more for the elite in Cap au Diable than for villains. Most of their material is pilfered from Paragon City and from "Diploma Mill" schools. Registered operatives are allowed to use the services, for all the good that it will do them.

There is only one school in the Rogue Isles.


* (See also "Cultural Direction & Education Center")

The Cultural Direction & Education Center (or CDEC) located in Imperial City is where Praetorians can learn more about the luxuries bestowed upon them by Emperor Cole. While attendance is not obligatory, all good and loyal citizens are heavily encouraged to enroll for at least one basic course.