UD Chronicles

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The UD Chronicles
Author: The Starscreamer
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Games: City of Heroes
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THE UD CHRONICLES is a project to create a downloadable comic-book based upon the various exploits and misdeeds of Ultimate Darkness. Which resulted in winning a prestigious NCSoft Creative Genius Award for Usurper 3 Prophecy. It spans 2 solo stories, as well as 2 full length-series. The current ongoing series Usurper Part 6 is being worked on currently. All issues are the work of the 'King of Perversion', Dark Overlord of UD, The Starscreamer.

Comic Series

(Note: Only the first three issues have been recovered as part of the Archive Project)

Issue 01


"Sea of Stars" (Read)

Issue 02


"Trial by Combat" (Read)

Issue 03


"Darkbow" (Read)

Additional Issues

Missing in Action
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Related Information

Badge ArchiveProject.png This series has been restored as part of the Archive Project.