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A Supergroup or "Super-Group" is a group of heroes that have banded together for a common long-term purpose. Usually it is for a better society, safer streets, or just people to enjoy shawarma with.

City of Heroes

In the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO, supergroups are registered organizations regulated through Paragon City in co-operation with the Federal Bureau for Super-powered Affairs and the United Nations global security division Vanguard.

Champions Online

In Champions Online MMO, there are multijurisdictional organizations with different responsibilities.

International groups are regulated through the United Nations Tribunal on International Law or UNTIL. They have ultimate oversight through the Office of Superhuman Resources, although they often defer to national or local regulatory bodies whenever possible.

In the United States, heroes are regulated through the Paranormal Research and Investigation Mission of the United States or PRIMUS. Within PRIMUS are local regulatory branches that handle the day-to-day organizations.

For Millennium City, the role of overseeing hero organizations is handled by The Champions, the premiere superhero organization. They have a PRIMUS agent at the main entrance of Champions Headquarters which handles all hero group registrations.