Super Gobbles Adventures

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Super Gobbles Adventures (a.k.a. Welcome to Paragon City) is the story of Gobbles, a young woman from the Sims world that somehow ended up in Paragon City and has been looking to figure out what she wants to do.

Welcome to Paragon City
Super Gobbles Adventures
Author: Gobbles Turkey
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action
Series Type: Discontinued
Date Premiered: 2005
Number of Issues: 3
Date of Last Issue: 2005
Average Issue Length: 13
Main Cast
Programs Used
No additional information available.

Comic Series

Issue 01: Welcome To Paragon City - Part 1


Gobbles Turkey is recruited to the Carnival of Shadows, but something is wrong. (Read)

Issue 02: Welcome To Paragon City - Part 2


Is Gobbles a hero? She doesn't think so! In fact, she rushes off to join the Sky Raiders to prove it. (Read)

Issue 03


Gobbles is a Sky Raider, but some people think that she's meant to be so much more! What will she do? (Read)

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Badge ArchiveProject.png This series has been restored as part of the Archive Project.