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The term "store-bought" is an insult to those who call themselves a "hero-fan".

It is refers to someone who buys a hero costume in a store instead of making it themselves.

You often hear this term in hero-related conventions or in hero-related social media groups such as Nitpik.

Many a hero-fan brawl was started when someone's outfit is referred to as "store-bought".

"Store-bought" can also refer to a hero whose attire is a generic template, such as the blue-and-yellow bodysuit that is the default outfit for all heroes. Heroes who appear wearing this are called "Store-bought" as they don't even take the time to come up with an original outfit.


  • "You're so cheap, you're store-bought!"
  • "You're not a fan! You're just a store-bought fake!"
  • "Did you see that newbie hero? Definitely store-bought!"