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Nox is a character in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

He describes himself as an "advance agent" to the cosmic collector Bartiok.

Character History

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Arrival on Earth

Nox was given the "assignment" of evaluating a group called the "Guardian Exiles", considered rare because they came from another universe that no longer exists. He hoped a crisis would bring them out, so he contracted the Freakshow to attack a Portal Corporation facility, but it turned out other heroes showed up instead.

Enraged at the incompetence, he attacked the Freakshow leader and gutted him with his huge sword before leaving.

He is still seeking ways to "validate" the worth of his targets.

Powers and Abilities

Nox's primary ability is his Titan Weapon, a huge sword that he boasts is so sharp that it can cleave the neutrons off a proton. Whether or not that is true is pure speculation, since the sword is so bulky, it really doesn't matter how sharp it is as opposed to how much damage it can create, and Nox uses it to dish out plenty of damage.

His secondary ability is Bio Organic Armor. Being an advanced agent with missions to fulfill can get messy. Fortunately, his body can emit a special ooze that solidifies into armor that can protect him from damage. It also helps him wield his giant sword.

Being a cosmic traveler, he is fluent in Inter-Speak, the universal language of space travelers. He is also learning English, but every so often he will revert back to his home-world's language, especially when it comes to slurs.


Nox is rude, crude, and obnoxious, but he gets the job done, which is why Bartiok likes him.

He smokes a rather addictive substance that he claims eliminates the stench of death. Or just because he likes it. Or because it annoys people who hate smoking. Either way.

Nox is not a "people person". He prefers hunting people to working with them. He hurts people because he can, but he has to have a reason first.

Related Information

Nox first appeared in the one-shot special "The Libra Order: Debts of Honor".