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The Millennium City Free Press is Millennium City's official newspaper in the world of Champions Online.

Much like the city itself, the Free Press rebuilt itself following the destruction of Detroit by Doctor Destroyer in 1992.

The MCFP followed the trend of focusing on the heroes of the rebuilt Millennium City, specifically on The Champions. Of course it helped that one of their reporters, Julie Morgan, seemed to have a special connection to Nighthawk. But then she was brought over to WCOC. They thought she was lost forever, but she still kept coming back to them when the studio wouldn't run some of her stories.

They currently have an "open door" policy with Julie specifically so she can do what she does best. TV's loss is print's gain, and vice-versa.

Related Information

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Reporter Julie Morgan initially worked for the Millennium City Free Press before working for WCOC. She sometimes returns to them when her TV boss sidelines her for stupid reasons.