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The Lifebond is an oath taken by a Kheldian after they merge with their corporeal host to become a hybrid.

The Lifebond was created following the great divide that split them from their Nictus brothers and sister, when a civilized planet was ravaged into oblivion by hybrids that took anything living as hosts and used the others for entertainment.

The Lifebond serves as a reminder of the responsibility that Kheldians take on when they agree to share their essence with another. They are reminded of who they are, where they come from, and that they will preserve all life, including their own.

The Lifebond

By the light of the first star, I make this pledge...
That I shall share my life only with those who share theirs willingly...
That I shall be of two stars, two planets, two homes, two families, but one life...
That I shall, to our ability, preserve this life and all others...
Until the final shadow eclipses us both.

This is the Lifebond of a merged Kheldian.

It is usually at this time that the hybrid gives their name as confirmation of the pledge.

Related Information

The Lifebond was uttered by Daybright at the end of "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #13.