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The Paragon City Judicial Center (otherwise known simply as the Judicial Center) is the center for all legal activity for Paragon City. This includes all city court services and the Office of the District Attorney.

Paragon City Judicial Center


Located in the middle of the Gaspee district of Founders Falls, the Judicial Center is one of the tallest buildings around, standing tall amidst all of the other water-locked structures.

Following the destruction of the original courthouse during the Rikti Invasion of 2002, priority was given to restoring government services first and construction of new facilities second. Initial plans to build a new courthouse in the Williams Square district near the Founders Falls University quickly fell apart when building owners refused to come to an agreement with the city. With speed being essential, the city agreed to take possession of the Foggy Building, which was still in the process of being repaired, and making that the new center for the courts and prosecutors.

With the whole area surrounded by the Red River and access limited to narrow pathways, the Judicial Center is considered to be one of the most naturally secure government buildings in the United States.

Related Information

Although generically mentioned in various issues in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight", the precise location of the Judicial Center was finally shown in Issue #6 of "The Guardian Powers".