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If this is your first time involved with a WikiMedia project, WELCOME!

Please make full use of the other How To tutorials as they will give you the basics on creating and editing entries.

Introduce Yourself

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to create an account in order to create and edit entries, as well as posting comments or uploading files. We do not allow anonymous postings anymore, and you can thank the spambots for that.

Once you have created an account for yourself and you have logged in....


Once upon a time, we used to let other people create and edit entries. But then filthy criminal spammers and their spambots infested our resource like the cancers they are and tried to take over our resource for their criminal activities.

It is directly because of them that we can no longer allow just anyone to create or edit or add anything to our resource.

Right now only verified members of the City of Comic Creators have the ability to create and edit entries. We wish we could expand on that, but the spammers and their spambots have made that idea utterly impossible.

So if you want to be a member of the CCC, you can join our forum and request access.

And even if you're not a comic creator or want to join the CCC, you can sign up in the forum and take part in the discussions.


Now that you have write/edit abilities, you are given the first and best opportunity to either show off or to experiment with WikiMedia creations... and that is your own USER PAGE.

By clicking on your own account name, you will be taken to your user page. If you have not already created one, you will be sent to the editing section so you can create it.

PLEASE take the time to introduce yourself, even if it is just a couple of sentences. Who are you? Are you a comic book writer? A fan? A critic? Which MMO game do you spend the most time with?

Don't worry if what you put in isn't enough or if it doesn't look good. You can always go back and fix it later on.

Your Profile As Your Worksheet

Working on your profile will give you great practice for creating and editing other entries. Then you can save what you have and go back later on to refine it, or to start from scratch with a blank page.

You can always get some hints by checking out the other users to see what they have put in, or you can check out the user profiles in Wikipedia or Paragon Wiki or the PRIMUS database or some of the other WikiMedia sites to get some ideas.

Take your time. The more time you spend working on your profile page, the better your skills will be when you start creating and editing other entries.

Your Profile As Your Billboard

If you are an author, this profile is your opportunity to promote yourself and your creations. Here is where you can link your comics page, your portfolio, your blog site, who you are, so when people ask that question, they can click on your username and see your profile and know exactly who you are.

Quick Message About Spam
While profiles are your opportunity to link to your skills, understand that they can also be used for more malicious purposes, including the sending of SPAM. This resource is for fan-based comics related to the various MMORPG services. Using these resources for the purpose of unrelated mass-marketing is in violation of use and will result in the offending entries deleted and the corresponding user accounts blocked forever.

Introduce Your Creation(s)

If you are an author of a fan-based comic series, once you have your profile down then your next step should be to introduce your comics if an entry hasn't already been created for it.

Before you start working on one, it would be best to do a quick search to make sure it hasn't already been created.

Type in the name of your creation in the entry box on the left of the page and make sure you click on the "SEARCH" button to engage in a search of the whole website for any mention of the project. If an entry doesn't already exist then you will be prompted to create one using that specific name.

BE CAREFUL about the name of the entry you create. For instance, if you do a search for "John" and you follow the link to create a new entry for your "John Doe" comic, then it will create it under the name "John", not "John Doe". It is possible to change the entry later, but it does get complicated.

Be sure to check out the other "How To" entries for including images and links into your entry.


The MMO Comic Index is a (relatively) open forum, which means that on occasion you might encounter some criticism about your works. While your creation may be a reflection of your skills and talent, please do not take such criticism personally. Consider such criticism as an opportunity to further refine and improve on your skills.

Have Fun

For the authors...

This is a great resource for you to expand on your characters and your creations and to tie it all into the various MMO lore. Be sure to use it to the fullest extent to help expand your creations.

For the creators-to-be...

Be sure to use the helpful tools and resources listed here, and if you happen to come across any that are not already listed that can help, be sure to add them.

For the fans...

This is a great place for you to get more information about your favorite fan-made comic series and to check out other fan-made comics by other creators. It might also inspire you to make your own, or it even might encourage you to play a greater role in the MMO universe itself.