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There are two kinds of links in Wiki, external and internal.

External Links

External links are links to websites, pages, and files that are NOT hosted here. These will be followed by an external link sign to indicate that you are following a link that out outside of the COH Comic Index server.

Create an External Link

To create a link, simply put the website address between a single bracket.



This will give you...


You'll notice that the link has become a footnote. This is because you do not have a linking text to anchor it to, so the Wiki created one for you.

To give a linking anchor, add a space after the address and then add a linking text.


[ CoH Comic Index]

Which comes out as...

CoH Comic Index

You can use this in a sentence, for instance to refer people to a certain website.


Please refer to the [ CoH Comic Index] for more information.

Which comes out as...

Please refer to the CoH Comic Index for more information.

Internal Links

An internal link is a link to another Wiki entry on the server. This could mean a file, a category, or a page.

Note: All links are CaSe SenSitIve. If the target destination is not spelled correctly and with the proper capitalization, you will get a broken page message.

Create an Internal Link to Page

To create an internal link to another page, for instance the main page itself, simply put the page name inside double-brackets.


[[Main Page]]

Which will be seen as...

Main Page

Notice that, unlike the external link, the name of the page is visibile between the brackets. It is not turned into a footnote. That is because the link target is another part of the server, so the name is merely filling in the blanks to the otherwise generic link address.

But if you wanted that reference to be something other than the name of the page, you will have to rename the link. To do that, you will need to use the straight-line divider ( | ) after the page entry.

For instance, if you wanted to refer to the main page without calling it such...


Go back to the [[Main Page|beginning]] for help.

Which will be seen as...

Go back to the beginning for help.

Clicking on the word "beginning" will now take you to the Main Page.

Important Word on External Links

CoH Comic Index does not make any guarantees that the external links used are either valid or safe. Please be suspicious of any kind of external link that you cannot readily recognize.

The administrators of this resource do not endorse or tolerate those who would use these pages for spamming purposes.