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To create an image and use it in MediaWiki pages, use the following steps...

Upload the file

On the left side of the menu page, you will see a link titled Upload file. Click on that link to go to the upload page. Use the BROWSE button to find the image on your hard drive.

Image files can be in the following formats:

  • .png
  • .gif (this can include animated GIF files)
  • .jpg (or .jpeg)
  • .bmp

Note: the image file in question MUST be located on your hard drive for you to upload it to the Wiki.

Underneath the location is the destination filename. By default, this field is populated by the file name being uploaded, but you can change it.

Below the filename field is the comments section. This allows you to add a description or add a category to the file for further reference.
(Note: this is not required step and you can include such comments or categories later by clicking on the EDIT tab.)

Once you are finished, click the UPLOAD FILE button to upload the file.

You can upload an image file but pay attention to what you are titling it. Avoid title names that are already in use unless you are planning on replacing that image. Also the image file name is Case Sensitive.

Link to Page

Once you have a title name for the image, you can associate that image to another page.

Use the following code: "File:" followed by the title and file type (such as .jpg). The code must have the double brackets or "[[ ]]" on each end. Remember: The image filename is CASE SENSITIVE.

(Tip: The best way to ensure getting the file name right is to locate the name of the image and then highlight it and select "Copy" and then "Paste" it in the page you are editing between the two double-brackets.)

To set a side for the picture to display add: "|" and then choose a side for it to display such as "left", "right" or "center".

To make it a thumbnail add: "|" and the word "thumb".

To change the size add: "|" and choose a number size (usually between 50 and 250)with "px" at the end of it. (All images are measured in pixels.)

To add a byline, add: "|" and type out what you wish to display.

Close the command with "]]" after you are done.

An example of this is:

[[File:COH-PromoCover.jpg|left|thumb|150px|The cover of "City of Heroes".]]

This code will be displayed as:

The cover of "City of Heroes".

As a "thumb" format, it will hover over that space and will allow other messages to be wrapped around it. If you want the image to be simply seen on the other side of the page before any text appears, then do not use the "Thumb" category.

(Note: Spacing and placement of the thumb were intentional.)

When in doubt

If you see something you do not know how to do on someone's page, just click "Edit" and look at their code.