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Grandville is an island that is part of the Rogue Isles in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO. It is the capitol city-island of the Isles and the heart of the terrorist group known as Arachnos.


Grandville started out as a pirate island, like so many other islands in the Isles. But where places like Mercy Island remained in the past, Grandville appealed to the more upscale crowd. In the 1950's it became the place for offshore banking and for businesses that were disgusted with American laws and regulations and unions. With no place to go but up, Grandville developed on top of its old infrastructure, creating multi-tiered structures where the more affluent would live atop the poor masses.

When Arachnos took over the Isles in the 1960's, Lord Recluse chose Grandville as the heart of his operation. He remade the island in his image, projecting out like a huge "spider web". And to finish the remake, he had commissioned a huge statue of himself standing in front of his spire, similar to the statue of Atlas in Paragon City.

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