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Emilio Von Frere is a character in the world of Champions Online MMO.

Emilio Von Frere is a world renown designer. Formerly employed by Greer & Harlick, Von Frere built up a successful global clientele list when he decided to become the "elite tailor for the super-stars".

Von Frere offers his services to high-end heroes and celebrities around the world, mostly in Europe, but a few in New York and Los Angeles.

Von Frere is also considered a judge of fashion trends, and his words carry much weight with tailors around the world.

Galatea Future Scandal

In "Future's Guardian" #2, Von Frere's name came up as part of a social media bullying campaign to discredit and defame Galatea Future, whose hero career had just been restarted. As part of his routine critiques of fashion trends, Von Frere was attributed to a pointed criticism of Galatea's new outfit, which was uncharacteristic of the tailor, especially since her outfit came from Greer & Harlick. The establishment offered a free makeover to Galatea, which she used after Von Frere apologized for the demeaning words, which he claimed was not from him but was from one of his assistants.

Von Frere would also gift Athena Rose Fairmore a special fashion gown for a charity event as seen in "Future's Guardian" #14, not knowing, of course, that Athena is really Galatea Future.

Related Information

Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a neutral or "other" character in the world of Champions Online.

Although not yet seen in the comics, his words first appeared in "Future's Guardian" #2.