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The Dawn Patrol is the British supergroup equal in fame to the Freedom Phalanx and pre-dates the American organization by over a decade.

Early Beginnings

Founded in the 1920's by several veterans of World War I, the Dawn Patrol dedicated itself to preserving peace at all costs.

The Dawn Patrol operated mostly in the shadows during those first few years, mostly because its members consisted of normal humans. It was only after the new era of super-powered beings came about in the 1930's did the organization begin to develop serious power and make a more visible presence.

Their pacifist and isolationist leanings eventually got the better of them as Europe prepared for World War II, and it was after Germany attempted to invade England did the Dawn Patrol take the forefront in the conflict.

During German Blitz, while bombers and super-powered beings razed the city from the skies, a magic-based superhero named Hero One, who was believed to be the champion of the Lady of the Lake, quickly rose to fame along with his young sidekick, Skykid, as they took down the bombers and captured the Norse-powered super-soldiers of Nazi Germany.

With Hero One and Skykid defending the skies, the Dawn Patrol and the Freedom Phalanx led the invasion of Normandy on D-Day.

After the war, the Dawn Patrol became the premiere organization for the whole European continent, defending Europe from a new threat posed by the Soviet Union.

In 1976, the Dawn Patrol played an intrigal part in the de-escalation of nuclear tensions following the Finland Crisis, working with the Phalanx and other hero groups to disarm nuclear weapons that were about to be deployed between NATO and Soviet Bloc forces. They also hosted the negotiations between all parties involved.

The First Rikti Invasion

During the Rikti Invasion of 2002, the Dawn Patrol joined forces once again with the Freedom Phalanx as well as the United Nations Vanguard supergroup to combat the Rikti invaders in Paragon City, leaving a skeleton staff to help defend England. The leader of the group, Hero 1 (successor to Hero One), led the mystic-based Omega Team of heroes to destroy the main Rikti portal, while the remainder of forces joined Statesman's Alpha Team to act as a diversion for the Rikti forces. All were considered lost.

Decimated by the Rikti, the Dawn Patrol continued on under the leadership of Lady Jane along with the operational support of Sir Windham Powers as they slowly worked to rebuild their ranks.

Recent History

Recent cooperative efforts between the Dawn Patrol, the Freedom Phalanx, and Vanguard have resulted in the unlocking of several secrets concerning the Rikti and the Lost. Because of thse discoveries, Lady Jane has been making several clandestine trips back to Paragon City.

The opening of the Omega Team's Time Capsule had also resulted in a portion of Hero 1's spirit being released.

In the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series, Dawn Patrol member Lyon Powers is given the opportunity to work with the Guardians of the Dawn, and is one of a few heroes who holds joint membership with two registered supergroups.

In 2011, the Dawn Patrol played an important role in helping the Guardians contain the threat posed by the mentally unstable Leona Powers.

An attack on Lyon Powers by Isea crippled the young hero and forced her to return to Wales to try to recover. Chef Dramsay was later asked to continue the joint-membership program.


Related Information

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Members of the Dawn Patrol were active in the "Galatea Dawning" storyline in the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series.