City's Finest

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Team-ups Done Right!
The City's Finest
Author: various
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Cross
Series Type: Anthology
Date Premiered: n/a
Number of Issues: 2
Date of Last Issue: 8/11/2015
Average Issue Length: various
Main Cast
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Programs Used
Planetwide Comic Creator, Comic Life 3, GIMP 2.8,

The City's Finest is a comic series along the lines of classic DC Comic's World's Finest and the Brave and the Bold, where each issue follows a team-up of new and different superheroes. This is often a collaboration of two different artists to bring together one cohesive story.


Issue One: Criss-Cross

CF1 cover35.JPG

Staring: Sin Stalker from "The Justice-Knights" and Sparky from "The Spectacular Sparky" (read)

Summary: A mysterious plot take a dim-witted hero and an emo-loner at odds with a villain in need of anger management and a quite acid-spewing gang leader.

Issue Two: Guardian Exiles


Starring: Galatea, Ryder, and Knight, aka the Guardians Exiles. (read)

Summary: From the creators of Battlerock Comics and JK Comics... three heroes from another dimension have arrived on Primal Earth and are asked to help out the United Nations security team Vanguard on a secret mission that comes straight from the pages of "The Justice-Knights".

Issue Three: TBA

(To be announced)

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