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The following is a list of Character Costume Files and AE Critter files for City of Heroes characters.


The character character files listen here are intended for City of Heroes collaborations in media productions (comics/videos) and Mission Architect programs. These character files represent the creativity of the respective authors and as such should only be used in the proper respect.

DO NOT use the characters in a City of Heroes media production or Mission Architect program without giving credit to the original creator(s). DO NOT claim any of the listed characters for yourself.

HOW TO SAVE: Right-click on the selected file and select "Save As...".

Costume Files must be saved in "/Program Files/City of Heroes/costume" folder, and AE Critters must be saved in the "/Program Files/City of Heroes/Custom_Critter" folder on your hard drive for them to be recognized by your game program.

Sin Stalker

BattlerockX/David 2

Night Hornet

Legendary J-Man

TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten

Various Characters