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Major Deej Universe Comics Banner.png
Author: Major Deej
Author Aliases: user:majordeej
Games: City of Heroes (art)
Genre: Superhero/villain
Series Type: Adventure & Drama, Team and Solo Titles
Date Premiered: 27 Jan 2016 (Major Deej Universe Origins #1)
Number of Issues: Major Deej Universe Origins (1)
Date of Last Issue: N/A
Average Issue Length: 30 pages
Main Cast
Major Deej Universe characters
Programs Used
MS Word/Adobe Acrobat
Created from Major Deej Universe characters

Major Deej Universe Origins is a comic book series of Major Deej Universe (MDU) characters and their origins.

Published by Major Deej Comics[1], this series was created to introduce the Major Deej Universe, its characters and its worlds to the MDU fanbase.

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