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Major Deej Comics[1] was created on 1 July 2015 from its original banner ,"Major Deej Universe Comics" (MDU Comics ran from 2012 to 2013 with the [New Allied Fighters] series (see MDU Comics Archives[2])).

Today, Major Deej Comics (MDC) is based solely on the characters, locations and stories of the Major Deej Universe[3].

Starting with its first published comic, Major Deej Universe: Origins on 27 Jan 2016, the MDC continues to write comics and stories based on a key principle idea: "What is a true hero?". This idea has been batted around other 'profitable' comics groups from many decades. Most got the idea right, but over the decades, the true meaning of 'hero' has been warped and subject to slights and insults, thus diluting what a true hero is. In order to truly identify was a 'hero' is in today's world, the MDC intends to show, through its stories and comic series, different avenues of what a hero is...and isn't. This comics line will also show the sacrifices, accolades and, in some respects, the sadness, of what it is to be a hero.

Major Deej Comics is a non-profit comic book group currently based out of Brooklyn, Connecticut.

Founder, owner, artist, writer and Editor-in-Chief: Don "Major Deej" Finger

The Major Deej Comics' premiere title was Major Deej Universe: Origins Issue #1 published on 27 January 2016.


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