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Don 'Major Deej' Finger

A retired US Navy Submariner and Civil Air Patrol Major, "Major Deej" has enjoyed superheroes and villains in comics and games for over 40 years. In 2006, "City of Heroes" MMORPG was the focus of that enjoyment, as old characters from childhood days and new characters for the 21st century were given new life. Unfortunately, NCSoft shut down City of Heroes in late 2012, destroying a perfectly good game and a platform from which to play the characters I'd once created.

Today, the "Major Deej Universe" (MDU) has instituted its own character and world structure. This universe is available for anyone to view at Website:

Major Deej Publishing and Major Deej Comics are now the platforms through which the MDU's characters, origins, stories and dynamic stories are made into comic book format and provided, for free, for others to view and enjoy. Major Deej Comics can be accessed at:

For those who wish to contact us at the Major Deej Universe, we can be contacted by any one of the following means:



Email-Major Deej Universe: