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The Blood Moon Event is an annual event in the world of Champions Online.

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Every year since 2009, the undead Lich King Takofanes, one of the most powerful sorcerers on the planet, attempts to take over the land of the living.

He does this in various ways around the world.

In the Canadian Wilderness, he summons zombies and werewolves. Those that are killed by a zombie become one and are enslaved to Takofanes. Those that are bitten by a werewolf become one.

In Millennium City, he summons the bodies of those who were killed during the Battle of Detroit, including the heroes who perished in that conflict. Since the death-toll of that event number in the thousands, so too are the number of minions that are summoned on a continual basis from various locations across the city. And that is not counting the superpowered beings that perished and the power levels they retain in death. In addition, Takofanes himself arrives repeatedly to claim victory.

During this time, there is eternal night. The moon turns a shade of blood red. Those whose abilities are powered by the sun will find themselves gradually losing their power. Supernatural energy also is magnified, overwhelming the senses of those already undead and/or possessing strong supernatural power.

Fortunately this event only lasts on the average four calendar weeks during the month of October, however it has appeared on occasion during the time of a full moon.

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