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The Spectacular
Webbed As A Spider
"You gotta take a nice choice! Rather than be a freaking dumb!"
Player: WBname.png
Super Group
The Avenger Spider
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Austin Baker
July 8th, 1991
Forest Hills, New York
Millennium City
Millennium City
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Rosie Baker (Mother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
5' 11"
139 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Having a Danger Sense
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Equilibrium, Arachno Sense, Wall Crawling, Organic Webbing Projection, Accelerated Healing, Skin Density Control, Talon Retraction, Enhanced Jumping
· Equipment ·
Reinforced Costume, Night Vision
· Other Abilities ·
Martial Arts, Genius IQ




Austin Baker was born in Forest Hills, New York. Austin was a nerdy boy geeky, and shy and hopeless to get girls. Austin was raised by his very old parents, Austin always was bullied for no reasons and Austin is very genius and smart about technology. Austin was sometimes confused about why they are bullying like him. Austin was a brilliant but socially inept student. After being orphaned by his father who always telling him the good things about humble and good, Austin was in love with the girl next door, Felicity Bagley, the beautiful girl that since he loves girls. Austin has a friend as a rich boy named, Eddie Jones. Eddie's father Mark Jones. Had is own building job he is CEO called "Mark Corp" Austin knew about Eddie's father's Technology and nano tech things. Mark was proud on Austin and his son Eddie, while the school mates and Eddie and Austin walked to Harmon Labs. They were checking on Spiders which was special arachnids, Austin was attempt to take the picture for the school paper, ended up that one bully guy called Johnny Hogan push him, before his another friend push him, Eddie told they to leave him alone. They just annoying Eddie too but Eddie was ignoring them. Austin then walked to syringe stuff, he was stupid there that he try once, ended up when he asked Felicity Bagley to take a picture for the school paper, before she walked to her friends, Austin didn't feel good at all that he hear a guy who say his name to come. When the computer shows about the syringe, it was DNA of a spider. When Austin went home, his father said to him "Do you want something son?" Austin say "Nothing i just go to my room..." Austin said "no" before he took off his t-shirt and blacked out to be dizzy. Before his appearance was change and his body DNA was transforming that Austin had now the DNA of a genetically modified spider. However, after Austin woke up like 1 day. He saw that he was having six-pack and he feel better and fresh kid. Austin then go and do some flips. Afterwards, when Austin was in cafeteria before he saw Felicity, Felicity was close to fall down in the ground, Austin was so fast that he catch her and her food, she said to him "Great Reflexes!" Austin was a bit shy before he saw that he got webbing on his wrist. Before Austin threw the randomly food and threw at the bully Johnny Hogan. As an accident, Austin begin to walk as he was embarrassed. Before Johnny said his name "A..Austin?" before Austin try to lock something, before Austin sense a danger, it was Johnny who smack the thing like Austin was trying to open. Austin said to Johnny "I don't want to fight you Johnny." While Felicity said to Johnny "It was an Accident!" And Johnny said "If i broke his teeth thats the accident." And Felicity said "Come on Johnny." Austin dodge the strikes, before a another friend of Johnny attempt to assult Austin, Austin took a backflip, when Felicity said "Help him Eddie!" And Eddie said "Which one?" And Johnny's friend said to Johnny "Its your man.." Johnny push his friend and try to give Austin a fist, Austin was pissed off that he broke Johnny's left hand and gave Johnny a poweful fist. Johnny's friend said to Ausin, "Austin your a freak.." And Eddie said to Austin "Austin. Wow, it was a amazing!" Austin begin to ran out, before Austin saw a spider in the net, crawling. Austin saw his fingers with small sharp-claws before, Austin climb. He climb the building and howl the word "WOOOOOOO" Austin jump and jump before he try to shoot webs, although a symbol on his finger. Austin begin to shoot web and swing, he failed the first time to smack into a wall. In midnight, Austin went his home, saw his parents were going into a night, and color there house in walls, his father send a paper, "Pizza is in microwave!" Before Austin went out. Austin met his love Felicity, they both talked before Felicity went to her friend's car. Austin think about to get a good car, however, Austin check and check before he saw that in. Wrestling that he could win three thousand dollar if Austin win into a wrestling battle, to make Felicity inlove and join him into a ride. Before he made a makeshift wrestling costume and named himself, "The Human Arachnoid" before the guy who shout who will fight next, the guy said "The Human arachnoid? is that all. eh kinda sucks." and he said instead, "Arachnoman" Austin told that was wrong name but he must go out and face with, the large and stronges't Monster Kane. When Austin gets panic it will be in cage battle like final round, it was three minutes, he was a bit knock out before he kick Kane hard that kane passed out, Austin win and he like the name "Arachnoman" After he went to a guy to give him money, the guy gave Austin just, one hundred dollar not much. Austin said to him "I need that money!" Before he walked and it was a burglar who use a gun and smash the guy's head and stole the money bag, Austin let the burglar go and the burglar said "Thanks.." The police was angry on Austin to let him go, however, the guy told him "He get away and that was my money!" Austin told him back like the guy said to him. When Austin saw people round on a dying person, his father. Austin's father dies when Austin gets sad, Austin swear he will have the revenge who killed his father, Austin ran and suit up. Before he jump to the car and punch the window, which it was the murderer. The murderer was hide in a old warehouse, Austin knock him up and saw him at the light, it was the Burglar who ran who he didn't stop him. The burglar shows the gun and said to Austin, "hehehehe. See ya.." Austin broke the burglar's left hand and the burglar fall backwards into the window and fall and died, Austin told his mother that his father died, one day later. Austin was done the university and also Austin met Eddie and Mark, Eddie was proud himself and Mark was proud both of them. Felicity then broke up Johnny, however, it was the day he learn the lesson. He create a costume and become the vigilante crime-fighter. He was named Arachnoman as well, he then got a job like a journalist to take some picture of Arachnoman, (As himself of course.) Austin then got a enemy like "Incendiary Demon" In the middle of the "MarkCorp"'s party. Austin saw Demon killed some people and his friend Ben, a another friend, Austin suited up and save Felicity from the tower, Demon said when he was defeat with Demon's Devil-Glider, "WE MEET AGAIN!!! ARACHNOMAN!" Austin saved Felicity and the city today. And Austin then send Felicity a safe place. However, Austin then met Demon again, put Demon took some knockout gas and said "SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" Arachnoman blacked out, Arachnoman was paralyzed before he met Demon. Demon told him something. When Austin was in the rain he saw Felicity ran from four maniacs, Austin jumped as unmasked. Plus he defeat it them, when Felicity gave him a kiss on Austin's lip. Austin then was saving some people and a baby in day. In an incendiary house. He met a Demon and fought in the burning house. Arachnoman gets a cut before Austin punch Demon, web pull Demon and kick Demon. Austin jumped out and Demon said "NO ONE SAYS NO TO ME!!" After Demon was normal citizen form again, as with Austin. They were doing some thanks for giving thing, before Mark saw the cut of Austin in his left arm. Austin just said he was knock by a random guy. Mark was sweating and he was going, Eddie talked to Mark, Mark doesn't want Eddie to be with Felicity, Felicity and Austin heard when they speak. Felicity and Eddie argue both and they both walked. The thanks for giving was bad enough. Before Demon scared out of Austin's mother. Austin's mother scream in the hospital bed and said "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THESE YELLOW EYES!!!" Austin then knew Demon, found him. Austin and Felicity was in hospital, while his mother was spying at them how beautiful they talk. Felicity was getting tears after Austin told what Arachnoman really said to her (Or Austin.) Afterwards, Eddie told to his father Mark that Felicity was now Austin's girlfriend, when Austin try to call Felicity last night. Austin just hear was a, laugh of Demon. Austin said to Demon "WERE IS SHE?!" Demon said "Come little spider, come and play.." When Felicity woke in the night in the bridge and Demon catch Felicity and thirteen children and four teachers on a car. Austin swing high and found Demon. And then, Arachnoman jump down and catch Felicity and hold the car. By hanging there. Before Demon said to Arachnoman "ITS TIME TO DIE!!" But thats was when Austin's fans throw stuff on Demon, Arachnoman win this to rescuing Felicity and people in the big car. Demon catch Austin, fight and fight and fight and fight. Before Austin hear a bad word like Demon said, Austin begin to be pissed out and knocked Demon hard, Demon gave up and Demon was finally unmasked to be Mark Jones. Mark press on his glove as a trap with bombs to kill Arachnoman, ended up that Mark said "Farewell, Arachnoman.." Arachnoman then sense the danger that he jump and then it begin to explode that Mark died. A day later in the grave. Eddie swears that he will prey Arachnoman, Austin then visit into his father's grave and Felicity and Austin spoke, they kiss and Austin said to Felicity. "I'm Arachnoman." Felicity was keeping the secret before Felicity and Austin moved to Millennium City,

"You're just wrong after all.."

it was then Arachnoman was born as the superhero and swear to be the superhero Arachnoman, Mark is still alive and Mark is in hunt on Austin. Austin still work like the same job as Arachnoman and Austin Baker. Austin also met great friends too. His father also told Austin that "With Great Force Comes Great Freedom" Austin always care about it and learn it.

Friends and Allies

  • Caliga: Arachnoman and Caliga were good friends since they met in march. Caliga is mighty ruler to save the planet earth, Arachnoman still speaking with Caliga sometimes Austin need some help.


Incendiary Demon


Mark Jones was born in Vibora Bay, Queen City. Mark lived before with his abusive parents. Were his father beat him for sleeping in class. When Mark Jones was locked him his own room, it starts to rain with thunder, and he was scared that his light was off. He saw in his astral vision, in something-like amnesia. Saw three demonic colored like, crimson, yellow, and cyan, but it was one whos colored orange. That one was his favorite to stay with. Forever. That when his parents started to be spoiled on him, since he show them how psycho and mad can he be to show his new friend, which was very odd that they could not see the friend he talked about. His parents are rich that his father build a company called Mark Corp. He was happy with his demonic friend that he's famous, when he grew up that his parents died by an cancer. He took the legacy of his own father as the new Mark Corp in 2001. He begin to become rich, and rich, and rich, and rich. He become famous. After the demonic friend tricked him and used him as a dog. The demonic friend destroyed his dream, that when he got a wife and married in the company front of her family, Mark's family and other scientist and his friends and allies was there and was glad to see their marriage. That's when it happen that Mark got a son named, Eddie Jones. Who eventually became bestfriend with Austin Baker, as the Arachnoman. Mark Jones was hateful on Arachnoman that he got so many fans. Mark was meeting the general who leads the soldiers, talking about the machine they are creating, general was wondering to use some of Mark Corp's various of weaponry to build a power armor in Millennium City. Mark Jones accept it when he was mad, the scientist helper was coming to help and took an unknown serum. He test it in the machine of smoke, cause him to be mad and crazy. When he woke up and killed him, gained him super-strength. Mark Jones killed his wife last night while Eddie was in sleep. When some battle suit wasn't ready yet. He create his chest and mask and getting a cape into a demonic ways. Creating various of gadgets with grim bombs and devil-glider. He then had some private talk with other leaders but the one leader of all said he want to sell this company. This cause him to think in the party in friday at Mark Corp; he flying there and used his grim bomb into some incendiary day, killed some of the leaders that cause Mark Jones to have the name. Incendiary Demon That when Arachnoman swung attack at Demon, he saved Felicity from falling down. Mark Jones was speaking with the demonic friend what to do. Is to kill Arachnoman's heart. Mark scared Austin's mother in her room by sleeping. Austin then swing and meeting the fight of a hero between Arachnoman and Incendiary Demon. Arachnoman hold Felicity and in midnight by rescuing thirteen children and four teachers on a car they were close to fall down into the sea. He saved them and then Mark pull him into a old place were Arachnoman and Incendiary Demon fought. When Austin got pissed off. Austin smack the hell out of Mark before showing his secret. Mark tries to throw some bombs at Austin by his devil-glider, but Arachnoman's Arachno Sense starts to warn him danger, cause him to take a backflip and swung back before it begin to explode, Austin and Eddie was believing that Mark was dead but it was a fake one, due to Mark's healing factor cause that to be an Apparent Death. Mark is alive and still is living in a hotel of Vibora Bay, his Devil-Glider now can drive fast to Millennium City and still continues to be an arch-nemesis of Arachnoman's!

Killer Haunt

Killer Haunt.png



Shadow of Terror

Shadow of Terror are a villain group that want some vengeance due that Arachnoman arrived first by stopping them. Now and some of Arachnoman's Villains, made a Supergroup as a terror of the Millennium City and attempting to mess up with the Arachnoman!

Black Thunderer, The Living Lightning:
Black Thunderer.png
He always taken too serious with business. John Hart was known as a slacker who doesn't care or miss people, average and sometimes dork, John now lives in Westside. John spent his time to granted more time on fixing computers in his own ways and keeps being slacker. After his father's death and his mother is keep dealing drugs; and had one blond girlfriend named Alexandra Jane. Who mourns John from his father's death and having family business. That day when an thunderstruck blasted John when he were in the computer, particular John. Woke up and walked to the hospital in Millennium City. It manifested his abilities that gained John the ability to manipulate or control electricity. So far the electricity of the power brainwash. To be insane and crazy to be hated of Arachnoman and Killer Spider that made his own costume, taking as the villains list wanted. Named the villain Black Thunderer! Possessed now Super-Strength!!

Lantern Jack, The Mad Pumpkin Bomber:
Lantern Jack.png

Ricochette, The Lady Boomerang:
The girl that loves throwing stuff, as such as throwing boomerangs. Carol Laughton was slacker that loved making trouble. Her mother was an soldier. When she passed away. Carol trained her various skills such with dodge from any punches. Carol love so much Arachnoman when she saw on the news reports. She created an makeshift and some various old boomerangs she lefted at the age 6. When she was in an deadly death match, Arachnoman rescued her and warned her to stay away whatever she is trying to become, shouting at her. She swear that he will pay for the punishment to warn Carol. She trained again but better that gain her better physical strength, little about to find a way to escape. And her very own martial arts skills. Made plenty boomerangs, and an leather spandex suit to flirt a bit. Taking the name as the Ricochette; The Lady Boomerang!

Dark Sigil, The Black Magic:
Dark Sigil.png

Rhino Power, The Rhinoceros Charge!:
Rhino Power.png
Unknown mister who works for Argent, to get paid and spy on others. In addition to providing the code name before; Agent P. Known to used it before, when ARGENT and VIPER did some work together to build a battlesuit, which was a power armor. They were thinking what they can use as a piece of equipment that, rhino horn. Use weapons to kill the Arachnoman, as the next overpowered the Spider man. Now that took the name Rhino Power! And he's twice as powerful now! Tweaking things what he's wearing. ...

The Ant, The Stinging Bug:
The Anta.png

Shadow-Stalker, The Dark Knight:

Wildling, The Hunting Killer:

Forceline, The Force of Destruction:

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Austin can lift over 32 tons and even throw a teen boy, His physical strength is powerful that he saved in last night 2002 bunch of Children and some teachers in cable-car by holding it, while he's holding the web thread and Felicity holding him. Without stress and no fear. Physical Strength of his punched the bully some meters in school that day when he took the super-drug as it was enhanced-serum of DNA as, Genetically Enhanced Super Spider. So far, he could lift Caliga sometime and throw him into a wall, since he growing up now, he can lift 43 tons now, twice as powerful he's now. Tweaking his powers, his strength leg, allows him to jump several stories in single bound. Demonstration; cause him to be the overpowered "Spider Man".
  • Superhuman Speed: Austin is able to run fast like an jumping spider, way faster then a car.
  • Superhuman Agility: Austin's agility that letting Austin to take any backflip and even teach to do parkour.
  • Superhuman Durability: Austin Durability takes to much damage and takes over 23 hours that his damage are back.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Austin's reflexes are able to dodge any fists or bullets, because of this, his sort of a 'sixth sense' (Aka Arachno Sense) let Austin to dodge these imcoming impacts.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium: Austin's legs are perfect at such as balance, he wont fall with his sticking powers, which means that he able to stick on walls and ground too.
  • Wall Crawling: Austin powers were getting a DNA of super soldier but DNA of spider. Austin able to cling or stick any surfaces and his feets too.
  • Organic Webbing Projection: Austin do have power like spider silks, that let Austin to shoot any webbing out off his wrist.
  • Accelerated Healing: Austin is able to heal any bone brokes and even get sometimes by villains, black eye. It heals in just 3 days.
  • Skin Density Control: Austin does have really invulnerability! which means any cuts and skin wont be gone that shields from acids, fire, and stuff like that.
  • Talon Retraction: Austin's nails are razor sharp, that let him to cut stuffs, execpt rocks, metal, steel.
  • Arachno Sense: Austin possess short of a "sixth sense" that warn Austin of impending danger.
  • Enhanced Jumping:' Austin is able to jump high, near from the skies.
  • Martial Arts: Austin have train martial arts training as well.


  • Can Not Sense Them: His sixth sense wont letting sense any fast villains with there speed like speedsters.
  • Loading Webbing: He can't just shoot to much organiclly webs out off his wrist, he may wait in 2 minutes to shoot again.
  • Not Immune of Poison: He can't be immune of poisons/toxins/venoms.


  • Night Vision: His goggles letting him to see in darker place as well.
  • Reinforced Costume: His suit is spandex but more special like he wants.


  • Genius IQ: Austin's mind are smart and thats how he made these gadgets.


  • Austin's arch-nemesis known Incendiary Demon, did some few bad stuff on Arachno, killed his friend, know his secret identity, took his grim bombs and throw the first time on Austin's face in the final battle in midnight by rescuing thirteen children and four teachers on a car they were close to fall down into the sea.
  • Austin were to much inspiration of Spider-Man, in a movie verison were the actor Tobey Maguire played as spidey, his origin are change and some nemesis are change too with there origin..
  • Austin's mind is specific good that he made a reinforced suit with goggles lenses.
  • Thanks to Austin's abilities. Hes actually immune of any vampire bites, that Austin could not be one of them as well his standard form.
  • Austin may successful to be the allieses Spider-Man, he knew the name was already taken by a comic book hero created by Stan Lee, and took the name as Arachnoman.


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