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The Amazing
Killer Spider
The Static Spider
Keisha's Song
The Master
Player: @novarockz
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Rouge Vigilantes and The Arachna Family
Real Name
Mike Peterson
December 23, 1987
New York City
City Center Apartment
Tech Warehouse
WCOC Reporter,Vigilante Superhero, Detective
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
John Peterson (Father, Deceased) Emma Peterson (Mother, Deceased), Rick Damian A.K.A Poison (Cousin)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Spider Tattoo on right arm, attractive, and chiseled
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Venom Shock, Arachna Sense, Voltage Webs, and Omicron Super Strength
· Equipment ·
Psi Spider Bombs,Arachna Disks, Web Cape, Primus Spark Sheild, and Advanced Spider Blades
· Other Abilities ·
Mixed Martial Arts, Kung Fu, and Karate

Creators Notes


Killer Spider is a homage of Spider-Man,Deadpool, and a little bit of Batman. What's different about him is that he is more romantic than heroic. Lots of romance and love scenes occur in this database. I'm now going to make Killer a teenager. Visit my new youtube channel, its Mike Peterson, Ultimate Killer Spider and the link is here this is all when Killer was a teen.


Mike Peterson was born in Millennium City,little did he know that he was a mutant. On Mike's birthday ,his father died. His father was the first Killer Spider. He was killed by the hands of the Crimison Goblin. The legendary Killer Spider was ripped limb from limb. His last words were "son, take care of your mother,be strong, and use your powers for good." This event was hard for Mike to accept,so he prayed to God that he would avenge his father. Growing up, the boy was successful in school. Never let any of his friends down and keep his promises. By the time Mike was 14, he decided to get a job at the WCOC. At the same time he got a job he decided to start his hero act. He was a rookie at the age of 14, but he got better and improved his skills. Eight years later, he got a masters degree in college. The time came when he had met the Crimson Goblin and died. Sadly poor Mike wasn't ready to fight his fathers greatest enemy. There was a funeral for Killer Spider, but his relatives didn't feel like telling the people about his secret identity. While Emma Peterson was heading back home, James Dean aka the Crimson Goblin was in her basement, beside a dead body. Emma was terrified.

" Who are you?" Said Emma "Hehe, wouldn't you like to know." Said James " wait a minute, you killed my son! I'm calling the cops." Said Emma "I'm afraid I can't let you do that, because I am going to kill you, just like I killed your husband." Said James, James starts to pull out his gun, and shot her.

5 months later

A hired thug is sent to steal the body of Mike Peterson. This thug was hired by James Dean. The thug knew what Mike was capable of, but then he thought,"why am I doing this? He saved me from the Mega Destroid. Ok then I'll return him to the Champions and see what they can do." The thug didn't think about what would happen since he betrayed the Crimson Goblin. He made it all the way to Champions HQ in a matter of seconds. He was a super powered thug with super speed and super natural powers. "Champions, I need your help to bring back Killer Spider. I know we have had our differences, but I can't keep working for the Crimson Goblin like this. "

'"Witchcraft, use one of your magical spells to bring Killer Spider back. He was a good hero, and he is needed in City Center, Downtown, and Vibora Bay."

"I shall try to bring him back from the dead, but he will have some new traits."

"Free this spirit, of his rest, for he is needed here Demon!"

"Very well, but if he dies like this again he shall not be revived."

A few minutes later Mike wakes up and says "where am I?"

"It's ok, your in good hands."

"What about my family?"

"We're sorry Michael they're dead."

"What! Who killed them?"

"James Dean, aka the Crimson Goblin."

"Damn it, this all my fault, if I had finished him right there in that corner, they would have still been here!"

"Where's my suit, I'm going to avenge the Peterson family."

"It's in your apartment."

"Gracias Champions, wait was that Spanish?"

Mike rushed for his apartment using the grapple hook that Nighthawk lended him. I took him about one minute just to make it there. All the people that were on the building said the same thing, the classic where have you been response.

All Mike could say was "vacation, I'll pay for the bills later."

"I hope so, because you owe $1000 dollars."

"Good thing I still have the $5000 I made at the WCOC."


Original sketch drawing of Killer Spider

The Return of Killer Spider

The Return of Killer Spider 1/3

It was Valentine's day, the day of love. Diana Summers, Killer Spiders' old ally. She heard the news that he had died last night, she was suprised at the news that she had heard. Today Would've been the day that Killer Spider told her hw he felt about her, and f course he was in love with the woman. She was the only one other than his ex Emily Brown that he had been really close to. Then at 10:00 exact, a dark if figure started to move through the streets. The figure was chasing what seemed to be James Dean. "Who the hell are you?"
" Your Killer, i heard what you did to my family!"
"Wait a minute, Mike, is that you?"
"yes it is me,and I'm here to kill you."
" hehehe, you and what army?"
"Only the Defenders Earths Mightiest Heroes, and don't even try to transform, because I shot you with a needle that takes away all your powers, so your finished."
He then took James' gun and shot him with it. Sucks to be you, go to hell.
"Ok guys, I'm going to pay a visit to Diana, she's probably heard the news about me."

The Return of Killer Spider 2/3

Diana and Mike encounter some Viper soldiers on their date in the desert.
On that same night, Killer Spider made his way towards Diana's penthouse. As he made his way, PSI was invading the building.

Killer Spider: I guess James wasn't enough for tonight,So of course I swoop down to stop the raid,what are they up to?

"We are here for the one called Hareno!"

Killer Spider:"Haroeno, wait isn't that the blue haired lady?"

Psimon:"Ah, I see we have Killer Spider here. I thought you were dead."

Killer Spider:"I was until the Champions Brought me back to life."

Psimon:Amazing, I didn't know they were capable of such powers like that."

Killer Spider:"Ya Ya, less talking more fighting."

The two rushed into battle with each other, Killer Spider fought better than before. He threw a few hard punches, and then venom shocked all the henchmen. Word of advice to the people, never judge a spider by its size, it could be venomous. And of course the humorous spider wins once again.

Psimon:"You are cheering that you defeated me?"

Killer Spider:"Of course I am Psimon, I'm as giddy as a school girl, but I'm not really a girl and you get the point."

Hareono: "Hi Killer Spider!"

Killer Spider: "Hey,are you ok?"

Hareono: "Of course I am, I can heal myself plus I took down of few of them."

Killer Spider: "Remind me to team up with you sometime."

Hareono: " That would be lovely."

Killer Spider:" I'll see you soon."

Hareono: " :) ok then."

File:New suit.jpg
The new stick suit made of Web Cloth, Night Vision and covered with questonite.
File:New suit armor.jpg
Killers Armor from the future Mike Peterson.

The Return of Killer Spider 3/3

Killer Spider:"Almost there."

You all probably know where Killer Spider is going to, Diana's place. Killer Spider is really hooked to her. She was glad to see him once he showed up.

Killer Spider:"Aola Diana, wait was that also Spanish? Pretty soon I'm going to get a Spanish college invitation, but I already finished college."

Diana Summers: "You know what's funny, I haven't seen your master degree yet."

Killer Spider: "I will give you it sometime, but the real question is, why did you retire."

Diana Summers: "It's a long story, ask the people I used to work with."

Killer Spider: "mhmm, that's what they all say."

Diana Summers: "um Killer, do you hear that? I think it's those Psi guys."

Killer Spider: "They are probably still chasing after me."

Diana Summers: "This isn't exactly wheat I'd call a lovely valentines day."

Killer Spider: "it's not mine either you know, and besides we can take these guys."

Diana Summers: "Yeah, this should be fun."

Killer Spider: "you still know how to fight right because if not I could venom shock them all at once."

Diana Summers: "Of course I do, ow! Stupid PSI henchmen."

Killer Spider: "so I'll just venom shock them all."

Using most of his power, Killer Spider venom shocked them all, but instead of yellow the venom shock turned blue. This has never happened before, but you learn something new every day. Though his valentines day isn't quite over yet he still has seven hours to make up for it. Let's hope that a Killer can make up for it, he does tend to show up late on dates and more.

Killer Spider: "Well Diana, we still have seven hours of fun left, so what should we do."

Diana Summers: "Maybe Club Caprice?"

Killer Spider: "Sounds nice, maybe the couples room with the fountain?"

Diana Summers: "Sure."

12 minutes later

Diana Summers: "You glide control is impressive, what else are you good at?"

Mike Peterson: " Lots of other things."

Diana Summers: "Which one are you best at?"

Mike Peterson: For those of you reading, I'm going in for the kiss. "I'm good at kissing."

Diana Summers: "let's see how good of a kisser you are."

They both lean in for the kiss and then a random voice says,

Random: Get a room.

Diana Summers giggles.

Mike Peterson: Red, it's been forever."

Brian Smith: indeed it has my friend. So how are you?

Mike Peterson: I'm doing good, especially when I'm with Diana.

Brian Smith: Wait, are you guys engaged?

Mike Peterson: Nope, we're dating, but we have been together for quite sometime.

Diana Summers: Until you know, that day.

Mike Peterson: excuse me for a minute.

Brian Smith: I should go check on him




Powers and Abilities

  • Venom Shock: Mike is able to fire a bio-electric spider sting out of his body and able to paralyze, thats why Mike called it "venom shock"
  • Arachna Sense: Mike's enhanced senses warn him from incoming danger.
  • Voltage Webs: A electric blasts mixed with webs used to tangle the enemy, and if there are near by enemies they will jump towards the others.
  • Omicron Super Strength: Mike's strength level is powerful, before he was able to lift 15 tons, but now that he is back he can lift 50 tons now
Mike using his energized venom fist to strike at at an enemy.
Mike using his venom shock to paralyze the maniacs.


  • Lost Parents: Mike's parents were killed by Crimson Goblin, the villainous goblin of mayhem. If Mike is reminded, he becomes very emotional.
  • Arachna-Sense Immunity: Mike's enhanced senses can be invisible from Roin'Esh aliens from a humans senses, this can only happen if the alien figure has taken control of a human.
  • Anger: Mike can be aggressive and brutal if anyone took someone special from him, like his friends or Diana.
  • Women: We've all had our experiences with women, but Killer Spider is like a magnet to them, and he can't help himself most of the time, so he talks to them for a little and gets to know them, but he doesn't ask any of them out.

Skills and Equipment

  • Arachna Disks: These disks were made by Mike for huge crowds of enemies, so when this happens he spins around like a sprinkler and hits them all at once.
  • Web Cape: His web cape is able to glide away and fly 200 miles per hour.
  • Psi Spider Bombs: These bombs are used for dealing with PSI, they some how turn them into a gassy form. When they're in that state they can't hurt anyone.
  • Stealth Spider Bike: Killer Spiders' grav bike that goes into stealth mode. It's designed to get around enemies and Heat seeking missiles and more, they also shoot beams and missiles.

Friends and Allies

  • Catherine White: FBI/Armed lady who knows what she is doing, but never get on her bad side I've been there. Ally at work, friend and dancer during social time.She'd probably beat me playing Just Dance.
  • Red-Arachnid: Brian Smith, aka the Red-Arachnid one of Killer's best friends and his best ally. He is always there to kick butt with Mike, and they both know each other's identities and weaknesses, that's how much of a friend they both are to each other.
  • Head Space: A cyborg cowboy that carries dual pistols and night sticks, or metalsticks to say. He says that he is from the future and here to bring justice to our time.
  • Arachno-Girl: Not to long ago Killer meet Arachno-Girl, they don't talk all that much, but they are friends.
  • Haroeno: To be honest, she was a fantastic/wonderful woman, before Killer met Diana, he had the hots for her. Right now they are good friends, but Killer still has feelings for her.
  • Assassin X: This guy fought a bunch of Mega Destroids with me back in the day and still does. He's also good for field ops missions.
  • Night Spider: The best detective that I know rather than Night Hawk. He is a role model for some heroes, he has inspired Killer Spider to become a detective, he is good at it, but not as good as Night Spider.

Assembling the Defenders

It was a Saturday evening when these mighty heroes where assembled. Doctor Destroyer had unleashed his Mega Destroid, and heroes were needed to save the people of downtown. About five heroes got the distress call not counting Killer Spider. Those heroes were the Defenders there names were Ultra Guardian, Skyscraper, Crunk, Techno Arachno, and Black Lion. Killer Spider had seen each of these heroes on Maple Street. He talked to them all about what the battle plan was.

"Ultra Guardian, light those to go bastards up, Skyscarper grow up to your maximum height and charge for the Mega Destroids,Techno your with me, and Crunk, Bash."

Rogues Gallery

Black Thunderr


Horned Hippo


Crimson Goblin



Threat level:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Roin'esh alien that had taken control of Rick Damian, Mike Peterson's cousin. It happens 5 years ago at Harmon labs, where Rick wanted to see if there was any spider DNA left, and only one was left. His dream was to become like Killer Spider. While he was in the lab he saw the Roin'esh alien that had been transferred from Steelhead to Harmon Labs. The alien was dying.

"Holy @$#!, your a Roin'esh aren't you."

"Yes, now get me out of here im dying."

"No can do big tall and stinky."

"Wait, I will give you powers that are beyond this world, but first drink the spider DNA."

"Gulp*Gulp, ok I drank it all now let me break you out of there."

"Ah, thank you for freeing me, now I will have your body Hahaha!"

The adult was then taken by the alien,and was no more. His strength and Powers were restored,but better than ever. This then began reign of Posion, but he had stolen some armor and recreated as something a Roin'esh would wear. The armor he used came from a corrupted Socrates .

Red Scorpio


Love interest and Friends

Catherine White: One of the three ladies who Killer has fallen in love with. She's a good dancer, and yes she is nice despite her big guns she uses against enemies. She does indeed have a liscense to kill. Believe it or not, she could be anyone, because she has so many disguises. She's a really cool girl, if you want to talk to her, her handle is @huntingrose.

Hareono: The beautiful blue haired lady who has a sense of humor, and great healing. She is fun loving and she role plays. If you want to talk to her look up @haroeno.

Diana Summers: Killer Spiders first female ally to tag along with him in every adventure. Just because she doesn't have any powers doesn't mean she can't kick Killer Spiders butt. This is also @huntingrose

Red Arachnid: Killer Spiders best friend, they always team up and crack a few jokes during battle. If you want to look him up, him up his handle is @somerandomkid500.

Killer Spider overlooking Westside

Killer Spider swinging in Westside


((Feel free to comment this powerful arachnid!))

"That guy, man he's serious with things like team. Even i'm a bit serious, but hes a pretty nice man!" - Head Space

"To be honest when I first heard of "Killer Spider" I had my guard up ready to fight, not knowing if he was a hero or villain I mean come on with a name like Killer Spider what do you expect? Any who hes a cool guy and gets reported in Millennium City News more then me but other than that we are like best buds and can't help letting out a few wise-cracks in battle. - Red-Arachnid

Voltage Webs