Anya Storm (series)

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Anya Storm-Title.jpg
She's Electrifying!
Anya Storm
Author: Anya Storm
Author Aliases: Anya Storm
Games: Champions Online
Genre: Heroine in peril comics
Series Type: Mini, OnGoing, OneShot
Date Premiered: February 23, 2011
Number of Issues: 4
Date of Last Issue: June 23, 2013
Average Issue Length: 8 pages
Main Cast
Anya Storm
Programs Used
Gimp, and Champions Online
Working on issue 5 ...

Anya Storm is a comic series featuring a hero by the same name operating in the world of Champions Online MMO.

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Comic Series

Issue 01: Target Eliminated

AnyaStorm-01.jpg (CBZ) (PDF)

Issue 02: Storm Wrath

AnyaStorm-02.jpg (CBZ) (PDF)

Issue 03: Great Snake Brotherhood Revenge

AnyaStorm-03.jpg (CBZ) (PDF)

Issue 04: In The Great Snake Mouth

AnyaStorm-04.jpg (CBZ) (PDF)

Issue 05

(Currently in production)

Related Information

Please see the Creator's deviantART profile for more information and further stories.

Badge ArchiveProject.png This series has been restored as part of the Archive Project.

CBZ file can be read with:

- Comicrack ( for Windows)
- Comical ( for Windows and Mac)
- ACV ( for Android
- Comix ( for Linux