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Agent of VIPER
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Future's Guardian #18
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Valerie Vespa Miller (unconfirmed)
Known Aliases: Vespa Miller
Species: Human (modified)
Age: suspected mid-20's
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: Green/Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Agent of VIPER, freelance
Place of Birth: Eldersburg, Maryland
Base of Operations: none
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Wendall Miller (father), Elaine Miller (mother)
Future's Guardian
Known Powers
venom spray, poison cut, phermone projection
Known Abilities
killing, knowledge of poisons and toxins, seduction and infiltration
poison claws, VIPER devices
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a villain in the world of Champions Online.

"You can either be a predator or you can be prey. I refuse to be prey."
- Valerie Vespa Miller a.k.a. Vipra

Vipra is a villain in the world of Champions Online MMO.

She is a member of the terrorist group VIPER but she is also known to freelance.

Character History

(From U.N.T.I.L. Project Snakecharmer files)

Very little is known about Vipra other than what has been gathered by U.N.T.I.L. operatives in Project Snakecharmer since she made her presence known in 2017.

DNA samples trace her to a Valerie Vespa Miller, born in Eldersburg, Maryland. A single child to Wendall and Elaine Miller, she grew up in the small unincorporated community with no criminal record or complaint. High school records showed that she was highly intelligent but also reserved. She earned a full scholarship to the University of Baltimore for her studies in biochemistry.

It is believed that it was when she was on-campus that she was lured into the super-secret organization called VIPER. She was made aware of the organization through one of her professors, who was a member of the local VIPER hierarchy and was on the search for new talent. Valerie’s intelligence and her fascination with serpents made her a logical recruit.

Valerie, now going by her middle name Vespa, was reported missing after her third year at the University of Baltimore. She never returned home after classes ended and she left no notice of where she was going. Her parents filed a missing person’s report. It is suspected that at this point she formally joined VIPER.

As a majority of VIPER operatives are male, having a female operative stands out in more ways than one. Former VIPER members say that the rare female recruits are always subject to extreme harassment and assaults, especially during the first year of training and placement. Those that survive the training are often disappointed by how they are placed in the organization. Female VIPER operatives are often limited to menial tasks along traditional gender stereotypes, including housekeeping, cooking, and cleaning. Field work for female operatives is often limited to surveillance and intelligence gathering only. If they are assigned as soldiers, it is to an elite female operative in VIPER and at that operative’s discretion only.

At some point early in her placement, Vespa volunteered for genetic enhancements, which gave her reptile-like abilities, including exuding poison through her mouth, and enhanced regeneration. Her skin and eyes also began taking on a more reptilian form. That was when she started calling herself Vipra.

As an agent of VIPER, Vipra proved to be lethal. But inside agents say that she also complained that she was not getting the respect that she deserved. Many VIPER agents would not have anything to do with her. Assignments were limited to intelligence-only.

It is suspected that at this point, Vipra began offering her services to others as a contract mercenary. Communications intercepted from VIPER hierarchy show a great deal of anger and resentment, but this was followed by a decision to allow her freelancing as a way to not only promote the organization but to also keep her from complaining about the lack of respect from within VIPER.

Powers and Abilities

Vipra has genetically-enhanced physical abilities. This gives her greater than normal strength, speed, and physical regeneration. It is suspected that she also has some amphibian traits.

Her VIPER outfit best reflects her serpentine-like abilities, including diamond-tipped claws that can rip and tear metal. Small nozzles just past the tip allow for delivery of poisons or even acid. She also carries several VIPER covert intelligence devices, including a limited cloaking device.

In addition to her enhanced abilities, her body also exudes lethal poisons that can debilitate and even kill people. She can choose which poisons she can exude and how. Her preferred method is a lethal snake venom, which she can project out from her mouth at great distances and affect anyone within range. It can maim, debilitate, and even kill those within range. She can also exude low-level pheromones to influence others in close proximity.


Vipra is a sociopath. She does what she wants for herself. She originally joined VIPER because they promised her access to the science she could use to make herself better and to further explore her studies on biochemistry in ways that traditional colleges could not provide.

Vipra is fixated on being respected. As a woman and as a killing machine. She hates being belittled or objectified. She is vicious to those who try to take advantage of her.

She is very intelligent. She is a keen observer of her enemies, which is basically everyone, including those in VIPER. She finds weaknesses in her enemies and she exploits them.

While she recognizes that it was VIPER that “made” her, she also knows that they have no respect for women. Because of that, she freelances her services to gain more respect.

Related Information

Vipra made her first appearance in "Future's Guardian" #18.