Vanguard Indoctrination

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In the world of the City of Heroes MMO, the United Nations security division known as Vanguard handles more than just the security of the planet. They also work in conjunction with regional government agencies, including the Federal Bureau for Super-powered Affairs and the European Dawn Patrol, to regulate hero activities and oversee extra-dimensional transitions. This includes those seeking asylum from other worlds or were exiled from their home universe.

When more and more people from the Praetorian Universe began seeking asylum in the Primal Universe, it became the responsibility of Vanguard to prepare these new exiles for life in Paragon City. While some of the survivors of the devastation that rocked that world by the Hamidon remembered what life was like before Tyrant became World Emperor, many were born in the aftermath of the devastation. They only knew what life was in Praetoria and possibly First Ward.

It also became clear that there were physical differences between people from the two universes. Praetoria used nanites to control the masses, which were in the air and in their beverages. Some of those nanites were violently incompatible with the nanites used in certain beverages such as Crey Cola. After several former Praetorians died, a new orientation program was needed.

Vanguard Orientation

Officially the new program is called the Vanguard Orientation and Adjustment Program, but unofficially it is called "Vanguard Indoctrination". It is handled by the Herald division of Vanguard and is designed to steer new exiles towards a "positive transition to life in the Primal Universe".

The program is a multi-tiered process, with both group and individual activities.

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