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The Total Praetoria Network (or simply TPN) is the Praetorian Universe counterpart to the Paragon News Network in the City of Heroes MMO.

Based in Imperial City, TPN provides twenty-four hour broadcasting full of programs dedicated to "educate, inform, and even entertain the public".

It should also be noted, of course, that the TPN rarely lives up to that goal.

More often than not, TPN is the propaganda arm of the Emperor Cole and his Praetors. It provides just enough information to pacify the masses, making them feel secure in their lives and confident that things are turning out just fine under Cole's "divine grace". The broadcast signal also pumps out a continual stream of multi-layered subliminal messages that reinforce the "correct message" to the masses.

Related Information

TPN's propaganda was seen in "The Guardian Powers" #14.