The Honorable Biosphere

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The Honorable Biosphere is a written comic that follows the hero Biosphere.

It is written by Aaron Nellis (aka Biosphere) himself. Storyline plotting by Aaron Nellis and Joseph Cohen (aka Sin Stalker). Editing by Kate Dyck (Love Dove) and Joseph Cohen.

The Honorable Biosphere
Author: Aaron Nellis
Author Aliases: Biosphere
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Written, Action & Adventure
Series Type: Ongoing
Date Premiered: 2010
Number of Issues: 2
Date of Last Issue: 2011
Average Issue Length: 8 Pages
Main Cast
Biosphere, Beserkasaurus, Dr. Montgomery, Dr. Edward Alfonse, Mrs. Alfonse, Mr. Cyril
Programs Used
Microsoft Word, Primo PDF


Each story arc of the Honorable Biosphere written comic are placed into different books and chapters.

Book One

Accidental Genesis

Chapter One


Genesis Part One

The first issue of the Honorable Biosphere written "comic", Accidental Genesis, brings you the scientist and college professor Aaron Nellis as he enters Paragon City for the first time and takes his new job at Sai Labs.

Chapter Two


Genesis Part Two

The second issue follows Scientist Aaron Nellis rejoining the teaching system as he discovers the new abilities he holds, but all is not good. Something wrong is happening at the newly rebuild Sai Labs and it's up to Nellis to stop it.

Related Information


The written comic is set to be three chapters, or issues long. There are plans in the works for authors Aaron Nellis and Joseph Cohen to work together on story plans for further comic that Joseph Cohen (aka Sin Stalker) will make. These comics are planned to link up with the Justice-Knights comic series.