Task Force Twilight

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It's Always Dark Before The Dawn
Task Force Twilight
Author: David 2/Battlerock X
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: '
Series Type: Mini-Series
Date Premiered: 12/22/2017
Number of Issues: 5
Date of Last Issue: 09/2018
Average Issue Length: 38
Main Cast
Jason Knight, Cardinal Syn
Programs Used
titan icon, paragon chat, GIMP, Microsoft Publisher
Follows the events from "Furia and the Guardians" #24 and #25

"Task Force Twilight" is a limited series set in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.


The story takes place following the events seen in "Furia and the Guardians" #24&25.

For more than eighty years, the police worked with the masked heroes of Paragon City to help make the city safer. It wasn't always on the best of terms, and it wasn't always "official", but it was still there.

Now that co-operation is all but dead. The police have brought back the worst of their worst and are doing everything in their power to force the heroes out of Paragon City, starting with their own backyard, Kings Row.

Jason Knight, formerly MidKnight X, has claimed Kings Row as "his domain" for a decade. But even he knows that he can't stop the police from playing out their endgame by himself. He needs help.


Issue 01


Title: "Operation Twilight" (MMOComicIndex) (DeviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Following the events in "Furia and the Guardians", Jason Knight has been doing everything his power to bring down the corrupt and abusive Blue Dog Squad of the Paragon City Police Department, but it has been a losing battle. Now the police are bringing their endgame to fruition, and they're starting with Kings Row.

Issue 02


Title: "Hand of God" (MMOComicIndex) (DeviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Just when things could not get any worse for Jason Knight, he is overpowered by the brutal enforcer Despair. With his life and death flashing before his eyes, Jason sees just one way out of his situation.

Issue 03


Title: "Come Together" (MMOComicIndex) (DeviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: With Jason Knight dead, it's up to Cardinal Syn to step up and use Jason's notes and resources and assemble the task force. But who will step up?

Meanwhile, the corrupt police officers are also taking advantage of Jason's absence by going after another hero. Who else will suffer at the hands of the Blue Dogs?

Issue 04


Title: "Standing Up To Dogs" (MMOComicIndex) (DeviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Cardinal Syn and her task force finally make their stand against the Blue Dogs just as the mysterious Sundown looks into the death of Lawdog. Meanwhile the "new" Avenger reappears and takes on Despair. Who will prevail?

Issue 05


Title: "Dark Messiah" (MMOComicIndex) (DeviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: The conflict between heroes and the police escalates, and now it is starting to get personal. News of Jason Knight's death hits some people hard, and some heroes are ready to escalate matters themselves when a certain notorious figure shows up.

Issue 06

TFT-00c.jpg (In Production)

Title: (TBA) ([MMOComicIndex]) ([DeviantART]) ([Issuu])

Summary: TBA

Issue 07


Title: (TBA) ([MMOComicIndex]) ([DeviantART]) ([Issuu])

Summary: TBA

Issue 08


Title: (TBA) ([MMOComicIndex]) ([DeviantART]) ([Issuu])

Summary: TBA

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